NEW ARRIVAL - INVT 5-15kW Inverter Energy Storage System Cooling

Time of issue:2024-05-22


In order to let you have a better understanding of this product, we will introduce the functions, characteristics and application fields of this new product 5-15kW Inverter Energy Storage System Cooling in detail through the Q&A.


Q: Can you briefly introduce this product?

Customers familiar with us know that the demand for our air-cooled precision cooling has continued to increase. It is suitable for situations that are not sensitive to temperature fluctuations, such as small data equipment rooms. The liquid-cooled cooling launched this time is suitable for temperature control of energy storage batteries and other equipment sensitive to temperature fluctuations.


Q: What are the selling points of this product?

Overall, it is safe, reliable, smart, efficient, and easy to install.

First, for the safe and reliability, it uses a PTC liquid heater and has stable heat generation. A variety of sensors and monitoring functions can enable its ultra-high reliability. Besides, the closed circulation system ensures stable coolant performance, ultra-wide operating range able it work within -30℃-55℃, and has the IPX5 high waterproof level which is 100% fully tested.


And then, for the smart and efficiency, it uses an inverter compressor, accurately temperature control to be more efficient and energy-saving. The standard 7-inch intelligent touch screen can be more conveniently operated. It also has functions like self-starting, self-diagnosis, and alarm management. Here is the 30-day historical curve and there are more than 5000 historical data can be checked.


Last is for the worry-free installation, the integrated structural design reserved quick connectors for the liquid inlet and outlet, making the connection easier. Condensate discharge directly to outdoor design is no need to lay out drainage pipes on site. And equipped with a water filter, easier for sewage maintenance.


Q: Can you introduce the important components?

After taking apart the casing, we can clearly see the structure.

Circulating water pump——Multi-stage centrifugal pump provides power to the coolant circulation system.

Compressor——Using DC inverter compressor, it is efficient and energy-saving.

Condenser——Adopts the internal threaded copper tubes and corrugated open-window aluminum fin.

EC fan——Stepless speed regulation, wide adjustment range.

Evaporator——Using the plate heat exchanger to exchange heat between the refrigerant and the coolant.

Expansion tank——Balance water system pressure fluctuations.

Electronic expansion valve——Fast response and throttling.

Heater——Using the PTC liquid heater to heat the coolant.

Controller——Standard RS485 communication interface supports remote centralized control, auto-start after power restored, etc.


Q: Where can it be applied specifically?

You can apply it in energy storage, electricity, wind power, and photovoltaic industries, such as energy storage containers, energy storage battery cabinets, telecom base station equipment room, and power prefabricated cabinets.


Q: Can it support options and customization?

Sure, we support customized application solutions for special environments such as outdoor ultra-high and low temperatures, highly corrosive environments, and high altitudes. Different water temperature control methods can also be selected, including water supply temperature, water return temperature, or cell temperature control. In addition, the rainproof cover is optional, and the circulating water pump can also be customized according to the external circulation resistance on site.