INVT iTalent modular data center joins hands with China Tower to lead the new 5G infrastructure!

Time of issue:2024-05-06


With the vigorous development of the digital economy and the full arrival of the era of intelligent communications, we are witnessing an unprecedented change in the industrial model. In the context of this ever-changing era, all walks of life are actively exploring new operating models to respond to market changes and enhance competitiveness. Among them, building large-scale data centers has become an important strategic choice for many enterprises.


The Hebei Branch of China Tower Co., Ltd. has been committed to the construction, maintenance, and operation of towers, as well as the construction, maintenance, and operation of supporting facilities such as base station computer rooms, power supplies, air conditioners, and indoor distribution systems. With a wide range of business scope and strong technical strength, it has made great contributions to the communications industry in Hebei Province and even the country.


INVT joins hands with China Tower to lead digital transformation!1-INVT Power


As the wave of digitalization sweeps across, INVT as a leader in data center energy solutions, is contributing vitally to the digital transformation of all walks of life with its outstanding technical strength and innovative spirit. The Hebei Tower Data Center informatization construction project is a vivid demonstration of INVT's technical strength.


As the core of information construction, the data center's security and efficiency are equally important. Therefore, when providing support for Hebei Tower, INVT specially introduced its iTalent series integrated data center solution. This solution integrates all subsystems such as cabinets, power supply and distribution, cooling, monitoring, and wiring, and achieves efficient integration and unified management of the data center.


INVT joins hands with China Tower to lead digital transformation!2-INVT Power


The success of the Hebei Tower data center informatization construction project has not only improved Hebei Tower's business processing capabilities and informatization level but also set a new benchmark for INVT in the field of data center energy solutions. This successful case has injected strong confidence and motivation for INVT to continue moving forward in the digital wave and provide high-quality services to more customers.


INVT joins hands with China Tower to lead digital transformation!3-INVT Power


With the in-depth development of the digital economy, INVT will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, continuously improve its technical strength and service levels, and provide strong support for the digital transformation of more enterprises. At the same time, INVT will also actively explore new business areas and cooperation models, and work hand in hand with more partners to jointly promote the development of the digital economy.