Precision Cooling System

INVT precision cooling system family includes rack air conditioner, In-row cooling, room precision cooling system, fluorine pump free cooling, and water cooling solution. Providing efficient cooling, creating an intelligent temperature control in modular data center solutions, large-scale server rooms, large-scale data centers, and high heat density data machine rooms.

Rack Precision Cooling System(3.7-12.5kW)

It's the special air conditioner for circularly cooling the internal air of the 19-inch server cabinet, provides stable and reliable temperature and humidity regulation services, improves the stability and reliability of all kinds of equipment in IT cabinet, the product can be used with our iSmart and iWit.

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In-row Precision Cooling System(12.5-60kW)

Especially suitable for modular or container data centers. The series precision cooling system is configured high-efficiency variable frequency compressor, EC backward inclined centrifugal fan, and full variable frequency design, It's usually installed side by side with the server cabinet, creating an ideal operating environment for the key infrastructure of the data center.

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Inverter Small Room Precision Cooling System(5.5-32kW)

The cooling system is tailor-made for small IT room and equipment room. Equipped with EC fans, compared with traditional fans, the energy saving is more than 30%. Adopts the GMCC frequency conversion compressor which can match the output according to the demand. It supports checking 30 days of temperature and humidity curve data.

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Inverter Large Room Precision Cooling System(25-120kW)

It's modular design, fast and flexible assembly on site without cutting copper tubing, support 100% front maintenance, support web access and email notice, can adapt to outdoor 55℃ high temperature, the 10-inch toch color LCD can meet the 30-day temperature and humidity curve and data display.

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Energy Storage System Cooling(7.5-20.5kW)

Special designed for power control equipment, energy storage container, and small data room, help to adjust and control the battery temperature to improve the safety and stability of battery operation. It adopts integrated design, complete isolation from inside and outside, provides IP20 or IP55 protection, suitable for multi-scenario installation.

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