Modular Data Center Solution

As a next-generation data center solution, INVT modular data centers(MDC) solution integrated all-in-one cabinet, all equipment is pre-installed and pre-commissioned in the factory, compared with traditional data centers, modular data center have advantages of high-density, intelligent, on-demand deployment, flexible expansion, shorter construction time, lower operating costs and green energy saving.

iSmart Series Micro Data Center Solution

Also known as the mini data center, single cabinet capacity 3-7kVA. footprint is 0.72m2. INVT iSmart can be used in offices, the noise level is around 55dB after the door is closed, equivalent to a quiet office, does not affect work at all. All equipment is pre-installed and pre-commissioned in the factory, you can put into use directly.

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iWit Series Single Row Data Center Solution

Suitable for IT rooms within 20-60㎡. Modular design, construction period 3-6 days. iWit has strong environmental adaptability, and the product can operate normally even in rooms with high ambient temperatures, no static floors, no refrigeration equipment, and outdoor cabinets.

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iTalent Series Modular Data Center Solution

Support 6-50 cabinets, capacity up to 600kW. It applies to large indoor data centers, Adopts modular design, reliability up to 99.999%, average annual PUE=1.30, and supports automatic control and intelligent operation and maintenance. No need for professional machine room, can be installed directly on the concrete floor of the building.

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iLegend Series Container Data Center Solution

Support 3-8 cabinets, capacity up to 70kW. Specially developed and designed for outdoor use scenarios. It's a 20ft/40ft standard container for transportation, factory prefabricated, and ready for operation after arrival. With a protection rating of IP55, it can be used in any harsh environment.

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