Due to the fast increasing requirement of information management in all kinds of industries, people are building more and more large data centers all around the world. Usually the large data center is bigger than 500 m2 and the numbers of racks inside is a large number. The requirements for power system include high power, high reliability, easy for upgrading and etc.


1. High power UPS system


2. Power distribution unit


3. Battery banks


4. Telecom DC power system


5. Monitoring system


Figure 1 shows a sample diagram of large data center. The main infrastructure includes UPS, PDUs, air conditioners, DC power, lightning protection, monitoring system and etc. Due to the high reliability requirement, large data centers are usually built according to Tier4.


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Figure 1: Diagram of larger data center


Due to the application of UPS and the redundant design of power distribution system, the power reliability of modern large data center is higher than ever. As the loads of data center are growing so fast that not only reliability but other issues we have to face on. Energy saving, flexible for upgrading, high power density, intelligent, all of these aspects are becoming more and more important for the modern data centers.


Invt Power System(ShenZhen)Co., Ltd.

Figure Figure 2: INVT solution for large data center


Figure 2 shows INVT power solution for large data center. The power source from the utility and the generator are ed by the ATS (automatic transfer switch) and connected to the central PDU (Power distribution unit). ATS will choose one of the sources to feed the connected equipments according to utility condition and customer setting. UPS, telecom DC power supply, TVSS and other equipments are connected to the central PDU. INVT power provides the leading technology of LBS (Load bus synonization) system to insure the reliability of the system. The LBS system is considered to be the best configuration for the data center power solution. In the case of double power input loads, two UPS systems will feed with double power source. STS is needed for the single power input loads to one of the sources automatically.


The modular UPS from INVT power is very suitable for the requirements of the modern large data center. Besides the high reliability, INVT power modular UPS has the following advantages:


1. Modular design, decrease the initial investment of the customer.


2. Modular design, easy and flexible for system upgrading.


3. Very high system efficiency, energy saving technology.


4. Very high power density, save the precious space in the data center.