Uninterruptible Power Supply, Precision Cooling System, and Data Center Solution

INVT Power UPS products range from 1kVA to 600kVA and various UPS accessories as an option, and now we can also offer precision cooling systems, and integrated modular data center solutions for customers, which meet your different requirements in different application scenarios. 


Modular Data Center Solution

As a next-generation data center solution, INVT modular data centers(MDC) solution integrated all-in-one cabinet, all equipment is pre-installed and pre-commissioned in the factory, compared with traditional data centers, modular data centers have the advantages of high-density, intelligent, on-demand deployment, flexible expansion, shorter construction time, lower operating costs and green energy saving. 


Precision Cooling System

INVT precision cooling system family includes rack air conditioner, In-row cooling, room precision cooling system, fluorine pump free cooling, and water cooling solution. Providing efficient cooling, creating an intelligent temperature control in modular data center solutions, large-scale server rooms, large-scale data centers, and high heat density data machine rooms.