INVT joins hands with NIA to help agricultural development!

Time of issue:2024-05-24


The NIA(Philippines National Irrigation Administration) is a company owned and controlled by the Philippine government. It is mainly responsible for the development and management of irrigation in the country and plays an integral role in agricultural development and production in the Philippines.


With the continuous development of information technology, technology is increasingly used in the agricultural industry. Take a look together at how INVT's data center infrastructure solution benefits the NIA IT room construction project.


This project uses 2 sets of 20kVA tower online UPS and 20kW inverter room precision coolings to improve the continuity and reliability of the Management Information Department office, ensure the efficient operation of the irrigation system, and promote the sustainable development of agricultural productivity.


INVT UPS and Presicion Cooling System used in Philippines NIA project-INVT Power