How do hospital computer room integrators conduct selection evaluations?

Time of issue:2023-11-09


With the rapid development of hospital business and the growth of business volume, the reliance on informatization is increasing, and the impact of information system security issues on the business is also increasing. The concentration of data also means that risks are relatively concentrated. When various disaster events such as equipment failures and computer room power outages continue to occur, how to ensure the security of hospital information systems has become an important and arduous task. Due to the particularity of hospital business, any application or system interruption caused by man-made or natural factors will cause huge economic and reputational losses and serious legal consequences for the hospital. Therefore, the hospital's business continuity requirements are becoming increasingly higher.


To meet the security requirements and business continuity requirements of the hospital information system, it is necessary to carry out an overall design of the hardware support platform of the entire hospital to ensure that the various components of the basic hardware system can collaborate efficiently. It not only needs to provide strong support for business and applications but also needs to ensure that the overall plan can be implemented. So how do you choose a computer room construction integrator?


My suggestion is:

1. Review the completed drawing structure of each integrator in terms of design structure, infrastructure operation, operation and maintenance level, etc.;

2. Inspect the operation of facilities and equipment, evaluate the operation and maintenance capabilities and the current operation and maintenance situation, record the situation of each company in detail, conduct summary and comprehensive analysis, and serve as the basis for technical analysis.


The evaluation of the data center topology is to analyze whether the data center has inherent flaws. Some people say: "Aren't we just looking at the design drawings?" Strictly speaking, after the computer room is put into operation, the drawings should be as-built drawings, which can accurately reflect the actual conditions of the computer room at that time.