Air Conditioning System Precautions

Time of issue:2023-08-25


Ⅰ. The operation process of switching on and off the chiller Check before starting the machine

1. Check whether the voltage is within ±10% of the rated value;

2. Check whether the unit is faulty and whether the signal indicators are normal;

3. Check and ensure that the chilled water and cooling water inlet and outlet valves of the chiller are open;

4. Check that the chilled water pump, cooling water pump, cooling tower, and other related water inlet and outlet valves are open;

5. Check whether the pressure of the water system and the water supply facilities are normal;


Shutdown during changing seasons In winter or when the temperature is extremely cold, antifreeze the main engine and refrigeration/cooling water pump; close the inlet and outlet of the condenser and evaporator of the main engine, open the drain valve and vent valve, and then use compressed air to blow off the remaining water and drain the cooling water. and chilled water piping.


Ⅱ. Note: In actual operation, there are often the following misoperations:

1. Failure to close the water inlet and outlet valves on the evaporator of the non-opening unit when starting up will cause part of the cold water to flow away from the evaporator of the non-opening unit, which will affect the cooling effect of the unit under working conditions.


2. The water inlet valve of the condenser on the unit that does not need to be opened is not closed before starting up, causing water leakage. Part of the cooling return water flows away from the condenser of the non-starting unit, which reduces the cooling water flow in the condenser of the operating unit and causes the condensing pressure to rise. The operating current of the main unit increases. The cooling capacity of the unit will drop, and in severe cases, the unit will stop running. It not only wastes electricity, but also reduces the cooling effect, and it easy to damage the equipment.


3. Due to the misoperation of the previous item, the condensing pressure of the main engine and the outlet temperature of the cooling water increased. Cause misjudgment to the operator. Mistakenly thought that the cooling water was not enough, so the water inlet valve of the condenser and the water outlet valve of the cooling water pump was turned on, and some even turned on the fan of the cooling tower, which caused the power consumption of the water pump and the fan of the cooling tower to increase


4. Blindly add a cooling water pump. Although increasing the cooling water pump can indeed reduce the cooling water temperature and condensing pressure, after all, the electric energy of a water pump is wasted in vain.