What are the types of UPS power supply?

Time of issue:2023-08-17


1. **Offline UPS (Standby UPS)**:

Offline UPS is the simplest and most common type. Under normal conditions, it passes AC power directly to connected devices while maintaining backup power through a built-in battery. When a power outage is detected, the UPS quickly switches over to battery power to continue powering equipment. Due to the short switching time, the offline UPS provides basic protection against short power interruptions.


2. **Online UPS (Online UPS)**:

Online UPS is also called double converter UPS or real UPS. It uses the input power directly to charge and power the battery after it has been converted from AC to DC by a rectifier. At the same time, it reconverts the DC power to AC power through the inverter to provide stable power to the connected devices. Since the online UPS always supplies power to the equipment through the inverter, it can provide high-quality power and has better protection against power interruptions, voltage fluctuations and noise.


3. **Line-interactive UPS (Line-interactive UPS)**:

Line-interactive UPS is a hybrid form of offline UPS and online UPS. It has a built-in automatic voltage adjustment function, which can automatically adjust the output voltage when the input voltage fluctuates, so as to maintain the stable operation of the connected equipment. When a power outage occurs, a line-interactive UPS switches to battery power, providing backup power.


4. **Double Conversion Online UPS (Double Conversion Online UPS)**:

Double Conversion Online UPS is an advanced UPS type. It is similar to an online UPS, but the difference is that it always converts the input power to DC and then supplies it to the equipment through an inverter, which means that the equipment always gets power from the inverter and not directly from the input AC power. This design provides the highest power quality and stability, and the most comprehensive protection against power fluctuations, disturbances and interruptions.


5. **Modular UPS (Modular UPS)**:

Modular UPS allows users to flexibly add or remove UPS modules according to actual needs, thereby increasing or reducing UPS capacity. This design increases the scalability and reliability of the UPS while facilitating maintenance and repair. Different types of UPS are suitable for different application scenarios and needs. When selecting a UPS, the most suitable type should be selected based on the load requirements of the connected equipment, power stability requirements, and budgetary considerations.