INVT Power "New Infrastructure"built in the fourth special police station in eastern Shan State, Myanmar

Time of issue:2020-05-18


Since the beginning of 2020, the Politburo Standing Committee meeting of the Communist Party of China has emphasized "accelerating the progress of new infrastructure construction such as 5G networks and data centers." New infrastructure construction (hereinafter referred to be as "new infrastructure") has undoubtedly become a hot word in China economic field.Important areas of "new infrastructure": including 5G networks, artificial intelligence, data centers, industrial Internet, Internet of Things Construction, etc. Globally, different countries and regions have different levels of technology and development in various fields.


Recently, INVT Power has successfully completed the "micro-module data center solution" in the field of "new infrastructure" . And it is along the "Belt and Road"-Myanmar. This project is built in the fourth special police station in eastern Shan State, Myanmar, and INVT contributes to the scientific and technological strength for the neighboring countries to assist the intelligent deployment of public safety.


Invt Power System(ShenZhen)Co., Ltd.


The INVT modular infrastructure solution integrates all subsystems such as cabinets, power supply and distribution, cooling, monitoring and cabling, and it supports flexible deployment of enclosed cold aisles for single cabinets, single-row cabinets, and double-row cabinets. Also, it has the characteristics of high density and modularity, high reliability and availability, flexible configuration and rapid deployment, easy installation and green energy saving, and perfect intelligent monitoring. This project uses ITalent series of large-scale integrated intelligent data centers, and the highlights are as follows:


Invt Power System(ShenZhen)Co., Ltd.


Energy efficient

1.Line-level air conditioning, modular UPS, closed hot and cold aisles, intelligent power distribution cabinets and other joint applications can reduce the annual average PUE to 1.5N + X pure online high-efficiency modular UPS, intelligent sleep function.

2.Remote operation and maintenance unattended, energy saving TCO.


Intelligent management

Alarm management, report management, user management, energy efficiency management and other functions to achieve comprehensive intelligent management


Simple and fast

1.Standardized components, modular architecture, rapid deployment on demand

2.Installed directly on the concrete floor of the building without a professional computer room


Safe and reliable

1.International Class A Computer Room Design

2.Integrated intelligent monitoring system


The high-quality equipment of INVT ITalent micro-module data center has excellent performance such as reliability, availability, intelligence, and energy saving, which fully meets the needs of the construction and application of the data room, and brings high-quality application value to customers in reality.


This successful implementation of the fourth special police station project in eastern Shan State, Myanmar, which once again proves that our modular data center solution is unique in the public safety industry. The public security system of data center project is the basic project of modern information construction in the public safety industry, providing a stable, safe and reliable working environment for the computer room. INVT Power takes customer as the starting point, customer’s satisfaction as the end point, and customer as the center to provide comprehensive and better service.