INVT Power IWit series provides power supply for the customs supervision of Binhai Port

Time of issue:2020-05-20


With the successful approval of the country's independent open ports, the Huaihe Eco-Economic Belt has become a national strategy, and the development foundation of Binhai Port has become increasingly solid to increase its driving force and throughput. With its high performance, high-quality products, strong brand influence and comprehensive services, INVT Power has stood out among many manufacturers and won the bid for the computer room project of the Customs Supervision Zone of Binhai Port. In a word, INVT provides a powerful power guarantee for the full release of the capacity of the general port of Binhai Port, the construction of modern steel bases and the industry of large-scale import and export.


Located at the junction of the Bohai Rim Economic Circle and the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle,Binhai is also grounded at the intersection of the coastal economic belt and the economic belt along the Longhai Line.


Invt Power System(ShenZhen)Co., Ltd.


The port is a golden node in the national economic strategic and a national first-class open port. It is also the closest port along the coast of Jiangsu to Japan and South Korea. The National Development and Reform Commission in the "Development Plan of Jiangsu Coastal Area " requires Jiangsu Coastal to follow that "based on the coast, rely on the Yangtze River Delta, serve the central and western regions, and face Northeast Asia". Binhai Port will surely become the strategic fulcrum of“facing Northeast Asia”with its location advantage.


Invt Power System(ShenZhen)Co., Ltd.


INVT IWit series serves the general terminal of Binhai Port and it is a small and medium-sized integrated data centers with the following characteristics:


1. Safe and reliable

All components follow domestic and international standards to ensure product quality;

Factory prefabrication, pre-installation, pre-commissioning and other links are controlled step by step to ensure the safe and reliable installation and operation of products.


2. High efficiency and energy saving

Adopt air-conditioning between rows, the closed refrigeration could cool the nearest space precisely, which greatly improves the cooling efficiency, and saves more than 25% energy compared with the traditional computer room;

Adopt N + X pure online modular UPS with high-efficiency, which can realize intelligent sleep function and save more energy consumption.


3. Simple and fast

Modular design, plug-in maintenance, simple and time-saving installation and maintenance;

No special decoration is required in the equipment room, the equipment is ready for use, and the installation and commissioning cycle only takes 2-3 weeks.


4. Intelligent management

The monitoring system is open and extensible, with friendly human-computer interaction interface;

Support local and remote WEB interface access, SMS notification function.



Invt Power System(ShenZhen)Co., Ltd.


The successful bid to the binhai port has once again proved the excellent strength of INVT power supply and we will continue this mission "do our best to provide excellent quality and reasonable price products and services to make customers more competitive", actively explore customer demand, and strive to create brilliant.


INVT power focuses on the data center critical infrastructure (high-end modular UPS, intelligent UPS, precision air conditioning, precision intelligent power distribution, battery, intelligent monitoring, integrated data center, micromodule data center, etc.).It has been widely used in smart city, smart energy, smart finance, smart medical care, digital urban management, rail transit and other fields, and has successfully contributes to the construction of major and extremely large data center projects.