16 FAQs about iWit series medium-sized data center solution

Time of issue:2022-05-18


Q1: What is iWit?

A: IINVT Network Power launches the iWit, a new addition to its Integrated Data Center Solution following the iSmart. It features in an integration of a full set of power distribution and consists of three parts: one main cabinet, N*auxiliary cabinets and N*air conditioners. The standard auxiliary cabinet contains a cabinet with single cabinet control modules. All optional accessories are also available to offer you a large variety of possibilities for your individual requirements.

Q2: What is the size of iWit?

A: 600 * 1,400 * 2,000mm (for a single cabinet). It serves as the reference for you to purchase other well-fitted devices such as the servers.

Q3: What are its applicable scenarios?

A: iWit single cabinet, with an overall size of 0.84㎡, is suitable for various data centers within 20-60㎡ that are in a small size, for capacity expansion or for temporary use, applied in industries such as communication, finance, government, medical treatment, education, energy, commerce, and logistics.

Q4: What customer value can iWit achieve?

A: iWit serves as an overall solution to save your time and labor costs. It overshadows the conventional solutions in terms of safety and reliability.

Q5: What do 1-for-3 and 2-for-6 mean? Are they the only configurations?

A: 1 refers to one AC unit and 3 the sum of master cabinet + auxiliary cabinets. Similarly, 2 represents two AC units and 6 the sum of master cabinet + auxiliary cabinets. However, the configuration is free.

Q6: What does the environment monitoring system include?

A: The environment monitoring system consists of components such as the dynamic environment monitoring master, single cabinet control module and other sensors. A typical standard configuration contains one set of smoke detection sensor and one set of water immersion sensor. Other five monitoring components such as temperature and humidity sensors, as well as the video monitoring parts are also available as options.

Q7: What is a single cabinet? What is a single row? How can I choose among iSmart, iWit and iTalent products?

A: Among INVT Network Power products, iSmart is a single cabinet suitable for your server load no more than 3kW. If you need more than one cabinet, please choose iWit. It features up to 16 cabinets in a single row suitable for your server load more than 3kW and less than 45kW (included). If you need more than 16 cabinets, then please choose ITalent that is suitable for your server load more than 45kW.

Q8: What is the difference between a single cabinet monitoring module and an auxiliary cabinet monitoring module?

A: The single cabinet monitoring module, only monitors devices in the master cabinet, while the auxiliary cabinet monitoring modules only monitors ones in the auxiliary cabinet. The monitoring modules in the master cabinet contain more components than those in the auxiliary cabinet.

Q9: What are the advantages and characteristics of iWit? What benefits can it bring to customers?

1. Power distribution module: Also known as PDM, it is mounted above the cabinet, and fits in with the operating practice. Other custom-made brands are also available besides our NADER and Schneider options. Sourcing from first-class suppliers is one of our ways for quality assurance. iWit boasts highly intelligent and practical functions. It can directly display the real-time PUE without further calculation, and meet the O&M requirement of energy-conservation. Customers, who need to routinely patrol the data centers, can enjoy a significant cost reduction, with the iWit.

2. Single cabinet control module: Conventionally, a single cabinet control module, plus a dynamic environment monitoring master, occupies 2U rack units within the cabinet. But the iWit sets them apart. The single cabinet control modules are mounted at the height of 43U (a typical cabinet of 45U in height, has an available space of 42U only). Therefore, 1U space is saved for a higher space utilization rate.

3. Dynamic environment monitoring master: iWit features in an integration of the dynamic environment monitoring master and the dashboard display, thus saving 1-2U space for a higher utilization rate.

4. Color touch panel: iWit is equipped with a 10.1-inch color touch panel that is larger than that on the like products in the market with higher resolution. Thanks to its various HCI models, such as APP (remote control via mobiles), LOCAL (the monitoring screen on the product) and WEB (remote control at the PC or customers end), iWit allows for a lights-out facility as it can monitor the running status of all devices in a flexible way under various circumstances. You can remotely control the system at any time in any place just with the APP on your phone. While the WEB model offers you complete functions, including the download of historical data. We also offers you the eSite, an IoT central monitoring platform, wherein multiple data centers and all devices with communication functions within a building can be monitored in an intelligent way of management. iWit solution also can provide three types of northbound interfaces that are compatible with the third party central monitoring platform to monitor relevant products.

5. Modular-designed components: Some components, in part of available solutions on the market, are fixed on the cabinet, which is not conducive to maintenance and replacement. iWit is designed with all pluggable ones for fast maintenance and replacement. It takes only 4-6 hours for installation and can be easily and independently operated by anyone even without engineering profession, thus saving significant time and labor costs.

Q10: What is a fully enclosed hot and cold channel and its advantages?

A: Different from the traditional single row solution, iWit boasts a fully enclosed design that isolates the cold and hot channels, so that it is not necessary to cool down irrelevant devices, thus shortening the heat dissipation time and improving the cooling effect and allowing for a higher EER. 25% of more energy can be saved by the iWit solution, compared with the traditional data centers.

Q11: Why is iWit less dependent on the environment and more adaptable?

A: Though most data centers require electrostatic floors, iWit integrated data center solution is applicable in the environment without such floors as well. Based on the design of fully enclosed hot and cold channel, the product is enabled to operate normally even in rooms at high ambient temperature, without cooling equipment or in outdoor cabinets. The product has little dependence on the environment and strongly adaptable. In addition, INVT iWit integrated solution has incomparable product advantages in the following scenarios:

1. Coal mines, mining plants, oil plants, mountainous areas and outdoor photography, wherein the environment condition is relatively harsh, and it is impossible and unnecessary to build up a data center. With iWit, the data can be saved as long as the products are put into the outdoor cabinets.

2. Countries and regions with poor infrastructure also need data centers. However, building such a data center there is quite expensive as it is time-consuming and laborious. In comparison, iWit is a cheaper and more feasible solution that can be much more easily operated.

3. The data can be stored in an outdoor cabinet equipped with iWit in any unstable area that needs a data base station.

Q12: What other developed features does iWit highlight?

1. Emergency pop-up door system: The emergency fan is used in the traditional solution, with poor cooling effect In event that the servers are densely arranged in the cabinet, the air will be hindered. If the air was blocked by the servers, then the latter would face up to the risk of downtime under a high ambient. However, iWit is equipped with the emergency pop-up door system. The cabinet door will open automatically, if the temperature within the cabinet is too high, to cool the server through the ambient temperature. The servers, then more exposed to the ambient, can be cooled down in a short time. It avoids a high temperature condition in a localized area, thus offering more time for you to carry on the site maintenance.

2. Acrylic glass front door: Its front door is made of acrylic glass that highlights a better heat insulation effect compared with traditional glass doors. Water mist will appear on the glass when the ΔT between the interior of the cabinet and the environment is large. With acrylic glass, it can reduce such water mists, thus avoiding subsequent short circuit or corrosion of cabinet devices such as the servers, and other potential risks.

3. Access control system: It supports three modes, that is, fingerprint, password and IC card. It also allows passwords to be retrieved under super admin modes, which is convenient for you to use and operate flexibly.

4. Atmosphere strip lights: There are five available colors: white, red, blue, yellow and purple, corresponding to indications of cabinet door opening, serious alarm, the system normal operation with closed cabinet door, general failure and interruption of the communication modules. The operating status or failure of the system can be judged preliminarily and intuitively according to the different colors of atmosphere lights. The color of the strip lights may also be custom-made by you against your specific needs.

5. Intelligent PDU: iWit intelligent PDU is equipped with 24 interfaces, including 21 pieces of 10A ones and 3 pieces of 16A ones used for various devices that require different currents. You can also monitor and view the current, voltage and working status of each socket in the central monitoring system as well as control the opening and disconnection of the output socket by directly clicking the corresponding command button on the screen.

Q13: How to select AC units for iWit?

A: You may select AC units of 3.7kW, 7.5kW and 12.5kW for iSmart (i.e. all VCS series rack integrated and split units), and may select all VCS series rack ACs except the integrated ones, and inter-column ones of 12.5kW and 25kW for iWit, based on the load capacity, the quantity of cabinets as well as the quantity and capacity of the ACs.

Q14: How to select the UPS for iWit?

A: The optional capacity range of the UPS for iWit is 10-90kVA, which shall be decided in accordance with your configure demand in real projects.

Q15: How to select PDM for for iWit? 

A: The PDM shall be selected pursuant to the capacity and quantity of the selected UPS, the quantity of cabinets as well as the quantity and capacity of ACs.

Q16: What are the differences and similarities between iSmart and iWit?

1. Similarities: They all, in general, offer you a one-stop integrated data center solution. It takes you less than 6 hours from unpacking to putting the product into use.

2. Differences: 

1) iSmart is used for a single cabinet while iWit for multi-cabinet. iWit monitoring system monitors more devices (up to 16 cabinets, 1 master cabinet+15 auxiliary ones).

2) Capacity. iSmart has a rated capacity of 1-7kW (standard capacity is 3kW), while iWit 3-45kw. 

3) iSmart can be used in the office. iSmart only covers an area of 0.72㎡. The noise level is around 55 dB after the door is closed, equivalent to a quiet office.

4) iWit boasts calculated and monitored PUE values. 

5) iWit is for CKD delivery, that is, delivered in parts and assembled at destination by you. While iSmart has been pre-assembled and pre-commissioned in the INVT factory before delivery.