What if the computer room leaks

Time of issue:2022-04-29


Most modern computer rooms have sophisticated air conditioning, heating and other equipment, because the computer room environment has high requirements for temperature and humidity, which is not only for the comfort of office personnel, but also for the normal operation of various equipment and data protection.


It is believed that the data center of the computer room may have liquid leakage, and there may also be tap water leakage and rainwater intrusion. Once there is water leakage in the computer room, the staff shall conduct a comprehensive inspection of the internal environment at the first time. If it is left unchecked, once the leakage and short circuit of the computer room line is caused, it will threaten the life safety of the operation and maintenance personnel. The consequences are very serious and unimaginable. At the same time, it is easy to lead to the water inflow and crash of equipment in the computer room, the loss of important internal data. Enterprises or companies face significant economic losses caused by a series of problems such as business interruption.


1. Water leakage monitoring system of computer room

In order to quickly know the location of water leakage in the computer room and solve the problem, it is necessary to install a water leakage monitoring system.


1) When the computer room starts to leak water, the principle of the water leakage sensor is to conduct electricity in the liquid, use the electrode to see if there is water, and then use the sensor to convert it into dry contact transmission. Generally, it is on, but if you want to close it, you should book it in advance. Generally, the scheduled time is about three days. One main sensor can have several pairs, which is equivalent to multiple water leakage sensors at the same time. The water leakage sensor is completely sealed, which ensures the accuracy and reliability of the product. It has high sensitivity and is easy to use and easy to install. The water leakage sensor can be regarded as a simple and easy-to-use facility. It can not only be installed separately, but also be used together with others. Through the input signal, the remote control and other equipment can be completed.


2) As the monitoring host in the water leakage detection system, the water leakage controller is not only responsible for monitoring the working state of the water leakage sensing line in real time, but also undertakes the important functions of water leakage alarm, signal transmission, state display and so on.


3) Good product features: the water leakage controller has high sensitivity, which can detect the water leakage very early, and notify the staff to deal with it at the first time or link the drainage equipment to turn off the water source, so as to avoid evolving into a water leakage accident and bring heavy losses to users. The water leakage controller can select the gear of sensitivity according to the needs of the detection environment. When the sensitivity is adjusted to the highest, even a small amount of water can be detected quickly and respond within 1 second.


2. Leakage system selection


For different areas and different water leakage conditions, it can be selected according to the actual situation. The non positioning water leakage alarm system is suitable for small computer rooms and can accurately detect whether there is water leakage. For large computer rooms with large area and multiple small computer rooms, when the water leakage points are scattered, the monitoring network composed of multiple xw-pc-3a positioning alarm systems can be used to accurately locate the water leakage position, and realize centralized monitoring and unified management.


3. Summary of water leakage in computer room


There are many cases of water leakage in the computer room. Whether it is external water leakage, there is also water leakage in the equipment, such as common precision air conditioners, humidifiers, generators, water supply pipes, etc. Generally, there will be anti-static raised floor inside the computer room, so it is not easy to find water leakage. Once the computer room leaks, the circuit will suffer. Therefore, it is very important to install the water leakage monitoring system in the computer room, which can detect and deal with the water leakage in time.