What' wrong when the UPS alarm keeps ringing

Time of issue:2022-05-20


UPS alarm

Generally, UPS itself has alarm function, including failure, interruption of input power supply, etc. When UPS is abnormal, the alarm will send voice alarm information to inform users of the current working state of UPS in time.

Causes of UPS alarm sounding

When using UPS, different alarms will appear, and the meaning of each alarm is different. In case of UPS alarm, locate the detailed cause at the first time, notify the user and save records, so that the user can deal with it in time and avoid accidents. In the environment of more and more extensive application of UPS, some safety accidents about battery also occur frequently, such as scrapping the whole group in advance, causing power failure, and even vicious accidents such as battery fire and explosion. At present, the patrol inspection and monitoring of UPS battery are mainly completed manually. Due to the scattered UPS, which is almost available in all buildings and floors, the way of manual inspection has disadvantages such as heavy workload, lagging problem discovery and untimely treatment, which can not effectively solve the problem of battery safety monitoring. The battery is the core of the backup capacity of UPS. Usually, the battery is in floating charge state. It is discharged through the battery only in case of municipal power supply failure or power failure. With the continuous change of environment, time and other factors, the battery itself is also constantly changing. When the municipal power supply of UPS host is normal, the failed battery is often not found.

There are many reasons why the UPS alarm keeps ringing, but it basically means that the UPS is abnormal. The reasons are as follows:

1. Power shortage of UPS

Consider whether the UPS is out of power. If it is, the alarm will sound automatically. In fact, the phenomenon of power shortage can be known through simple inspection. After understanding this situation, charge it in time. Don't let the UPS be in the state of power shortage for a long time.

2. The line is faulty

UPS involves complex circuits and a large number of circuit boards. If there is a fault in the circuit inside, it may be reminded by alarm. At that time, professional maintenance is required to replace or reconnect the faulty circuit inside, so that the alarm sound will stop automatically.

3. Voltage fluctuation range is too large

The voltage fluctuation range of UPS is too large, which has exceeded the normal voltage fluctuation range of the product. At that time, for the purpose of self-protection, the alarm will sound continuously.

4. Overload operation of UPS

The overload operation of UPS will also give an alarm. Actually, there is not much overload. Generally, if there is more overload, UPS will shut down and protect itself within the specified time. At that time, it is not the fault of UPS itself. As long as some overloaded equipments are stopped, the alarm of UPS will disappear.

Conclusion: the above is the reason why the UPS alarm keeps ringing. The alarm of UPS can remind the operation and maintenance personnel to deal with problems in time, prevent accidents, and provide cleaner and high-quality power supply function and high-quality service power supply system. All switching modules of UPS shall be inspected regularly every year. Disconnect the mains power and bypass power respectively from the incoming side of the power supply, while checking whether the module switching function acts accurately, it also checks whether the inverter function is normal. The UPS control system shall be checked regularly as follows: check whether the display of the controlled display module is consistent with the operation. If the display is free of black screen and random code, you should replace the display module as soon as possible; Check whether there is abnormal sound on the display control panel, and deal with the alarm and other abnormal phenomena in time; Check the operation buttons on the display control screen, confirm that the functions of each button are normal, switch and check relevant functions and parameters, and timely report and deal with abnormalities.