How does UPS control temperature and application requirements

Time of issue:2022-05-27


UPS is the main power protection equipment, which can provide continuous, stable and uninterruptible power supply. During the normal operation of UPS, it is very important to adjust the working temperature according to the precision air conditioner in the computer room.

In addition to cooling fans and power switch components of disconnectors, UPS also has many solid electronic products. The dust of the internal structure of UPS server should be combed on time every day to check whether the aging of small and medium-sized components in the equipment is serious. The production and manufactures shall replace the fan for 3 years, and replace the power capacitor for 7 years. At the same time, battery maintenance is also very important. The operating temperature shall not exceed the normal. Charge and discharge once every 3 ~ 6 months to stimulate the charging function of the battery.

Because small and medium-sized application software lacks of professional technology, it can reasonably supervise and maintain the daily operation of UPS system software, making the operation of UPS system software easier and more convenient. Besides, the faster the manufacturer of UPS responds to the maintenance service items, the better. The less time for service items, the better.

At this stage, most of the UPS software sold on the market is based on VA (output power as the standard), V indicates the working voltage, A indicates the current, and working voltage times the current equals the output power, that is the volume of UPS software. According to the 500VA UPS software, when the output voltage is 110V, the available working current should be 4.55A, if the current required by the load exceeds 4.55A, overload will occur.

In order to better ensure the normal operation of UPS, it is particularly important to ensure that UPS is not overloaded. Low power consumption UPS products are different from large and medium-sized UPS. It has redundant design scheme and can only operate normally within the standard power range. Therefore, if the UPS is overloaded, during the distribution period of UPS battery, the overload maintenance function of inverter power supply is likely to cause the overload of UPS, resulting in the final disconnection of output, and then lead to unnecessary damage.

The design scheme and the safety device for installing uninterrupted power supply must also be stable, and the installation address must meet the maintenance and experiment regulations. In addition, in the case of maintenance functions, different functions must be distinguished to show the consciousness of maintenance functions. In order to better obtain appropriate and reliable maintenance, we must follow the appropriate design principle. In particular, the design principle shall include common failure safety modes, redundancy technology, diversified design and self diagnosis functions.