INVT Power won the tender of National First Class Archives of Nanjing Jiangning District

Time of issue:2020-08-04


With the rapid development of big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other services, network, information and other technologies are related to all aspects of people’s lives. Archives have become a national strategic resource due to the wide range of sources, the richness of content and the originality of formation. It is the core component of information resources that can play a huge role in economic construction and social development. In the context of "smart" world infrastructure, "smart archives management" has also become the trend of national archives management reform and development.


A few days ago, INVT Power has successfully won the bid for the national first-class archives-Nanjing Jiangning District Archives Project with its strong technical strength, strong delivery capacity and excellent after-sales service and successfully delivered it, providing long-term services for the core equipment of the archives weak current system. , Safety guarantee for stable and uninterrupted operation.


Invt Power System(ShenZhen)Co., Ltd.


In this project, the star product of INVT Power-HT33 series tower UPS is used, and two sets of HT33060X adopt parallel operation mode. In addition, this series of products can support 6 machines to run directly in parallel.


HT33 series products adopt three-input three-output pure online double-conversion UPS power supply designed with full digital control technology. Based on the modular design concept, the product has excellent electrical performance, complete software and hardware protection functions, can adapt to different grid environments, and can provide safe and reliable power supply for various loads. At the same time, this product adopts a large-screen touch-screen LCD design and a menu-style architecture, and various information of UPS can be monitored through the LCD. All operations are clear at a glance, and operation and maintenance are convenient.


Invt Power System(ShenZhen)Co., Ltd.


In addition, the input power factor of the HT33 series products is as high as 0.99 or more, and the input harmonic current is as low as 3% or less. They are environmentally friendly and highly energy-saving. They are widely used in government, finance, communications, education, transportation, meteorology, radio and television, industrial and commercial taxation, and medical care. Various industries such as health, energy and power.


INVT power modular UPS and data center solutions have been successfully applied in a wide range of fields such as "new infrastructure", "one belt and one road", "smart park", "big data", 5G, cloud computing, etc. The follow-up will also adhere to "market "Customer-oriented, customer-centric" business policy, make unremitting efforts to create more reliable, efficient and energy-saving products for customers.