Bring back the memory: the Supply Chain of INVT helps fight the epidemic and resume production

Time of issue:2020-07-30


2019 witness all the INVT employees  action to fight the 2019 epidemic and dare to face challenge.


In December 2019, patients with unexplained pneumonia appeared in some medical institutions in Wuhan;


Invt Power System(ShenZhen)Co., Ltd.


On the morning of December 31, the expert team of the National Health Commission arrived in Wuhan and found that there is no obvious evidence of human-to-human transmission;


On January 1, 2020, the South China Seafood Wholesale Market was closed;


On January 11, the first death case occurred in Wuhan;


On January 12, it was named 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by the World Health Organization;


On January 21, Zhong Nanshan, the leader of the high-level expert group of the National Health Commission, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and national respiratory disease clinical research expert, responded to the CCTV interview: it must be affirmation of human-to-human transmission;


On January 22, the National Health Commission of China admitted that human-to-human transmission and medical staff infections have occurred, and the virus may mutate;


On January 23, at 10:00 am, Wuhan was "closed";


January 24, New Year’s Eve...


During the Spring Festival, a sudden new coronary pneumonia spread rapidly in Wuhan, and panic suddenly came to my heart.


On February 2, the company received an urgent invitation letter from Zhengzhou First People's Hospital urgently which was in need of modular data center products. The epidemic was fierce, traffic was blocked everywhere, and during the Spring Festival, there were a series of difficulties such as shortage of manpower and inconvenience in transportation. In order to ensure the needs of the hospital, with the coordination and support of the factory's President Huang and Deng, we urgently called the remaining employees to the factory to handle the shipment. Everyone responded positively and rushed to the factory immediately after taking care of their own safety protection. While testing, packaging and shipping the machine, we contacted the transportation vehicle urgently, communicated closely with various departments, and completed the shipment in the afternoon.


On February 7, the number of confirmed cases nationwide was as high as 31,774, and rose to 334 in Shenzhen. In the morning, Shenzhen Third People's Hospital urgently needed an HT33060X UPS. This is the only designated hospital for the Shenzhen epidemic. It is called the Shenzhen version of "Xiaotangshan" and shoulders the important task of protecting the city. At this time, the number of cases is rising every day, and there are confirmed cases in the surrounding area. I can't help but feel a little nervous when I go out, but with the improvement of protection awareness, my mentality has stabilized. Everyone of INVT rushed to the factory immediately, and completed the production and delivery tasks that day, ensuring the supply of materials to the Third People's Hospital.


According to the trend of the epidemic, in response to the government's request for the resumption of work in batches and orderly, the factory tentatively plans to resume work on February 17. Due to the large backlog of orders, our first task after resuming work is to take back the lost time and catch up with the missing tasks. In view of the government’s strict resumption requirements in the early stage of resumption of work, and in order to effectively guarantee the life safety of resumption personnel and complete production tasks in an efficient and orderly manner, our company has established strict prevention and control mechanisms, internal management, employee inspections, and prevention and control materials in accordance with government requirements. But for the traffic blockade, the factory's resumption rate is less than 40%, and the attendance rate is less than 30%. Many suppliers have not started work, and the resumption of work is not clear. Key materials are facing the risk of supply interruption at any time. In order to meet customer needs with quality and quantity, each department in the supply chain arranges plans and inverts work, and at the same time shifts the focus of quality work to the supplier side, participates in its process control, ensures the straightforward rate of incoming materials, and does everything possible to help supply the quality and efficiency of commercial and production lines. In the face of the severe epidemic situation, all departments of our supply chain twist into a single rope, working hard to each other, adhering to the business philosophy of "market-oriented and customer-centric" to consolidate work.


Join forces to fight the epidemic. An epidemic has tested the execution ability of our team and strengthened the cohesion of various departments. Next, we will continue to base ourselves on our work and posts, meet challenges, overcome difficulties, and work together to meet the goal of safe delivery as a whole.