RM600/30X—the New Member of RM Series Modularized UPS

Time of issue:2014-09-23


RM600/30X is a new-generation modularized UPS that INVT Power developed after RM300/30. Its output power reaches 540KVA/486KW, and output power factor is 0.9. It has power distribution cabinet provided together, which is composed of 4 circuit breakers, i.e. main circuit input switch, bypass input switch, bypass output switch and maintenance bypass switch. RM600/30X supports access from top and bottom; therefore, it is applicable to many cases.


Main Features:


0.4′′color touch screen for more information o n o n e page and easier operation.


32-bit DSP from TI for 50% greater control performance, fewer electronic components and lower failure rate.


LCD display for real-time monitoring power module.


Separated air duct for protecting circuit from dust and ensuring reliable performance.


4 air fans in parallel connection for functional redundancy.


Output power factor: 0.9.


Built-in power distribution cabinet for facilitating power distribution.


Centralized bypass with higher reliability than 2 sets of RM300 in parallel connection.


New Functions:


Automatic aging mode: the user may set automatic aging mode via monitoring software backstage. In such mode, all power units and adapting pieces will be tested by the load UPS generates during internal circulation, which is an efficient and cost-saving way of test run. Without external load box and cable, this mode avoids too much thermal energy and is easy to carry out whenever necessary.


Intelligent sleep mode: RM600/30X supports normal sleep mode and deep sleep mode. Such mode allows a certain number of modules to go into sleep mode in case the load rate of modules is lower than specified value. The quantity of modules for sleep mode will be determined by controller and other modules will go into sleep mode according to preset time for taking turns.


Programmable dry contacts: 3 inputs and 4 outputs as standard, and the user may redefine all programmable dry contacts by backstage software.




Standard accessories: battery pack for cold boot, maintenance bypass and dry contacts.


Optional accessories: anti-thunder assembly, LBS assembly, generator control cabinet, battery temperature sensor, SNMP card, expansion dry contact card and remote control assembly.


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