INVT Micro Data Center Guarantee Stable Operation of Food Bureau of Shanxi

Time of issue:2019-10-24


Relying on its leading technical strength, powerful delivery capacity and excellent post-market service team, INVT Power won the bid of Food Bureau of Shanxi for the AIO unit project to provide safety guarantee for operation of its equipment.


Food Bureau of Shanxi is an agency set up directly under the provincial government pursuant to Notice of Provincial Government of Shanxi on Printing and Distribution of Institutional Reform Program for Provincial Government of Shanxi (SX-2009-13). FBS is responsible for enhancing study in strategic subjects in food (including edible oil) industry, further deepening system reform across the provincial food circulation industry, improving provincial and municipal food storage systems, perfecting food monitoring and warning system and emergency response mechanism, improving criteria for food acquisition market access and strengthening administration of food acquisition activities, strengthening administration, instruction and coordination of food trading across the province and provincial food storage, enhancing cooperation between food suppliers and distributors in major grain producing areas and improving guarantee capability for food supply across the province.


In this project to be applied is INVT Ismart? micro-module data center solution, which is a cabinet-scale micro data center developed by INVT Power based on the latest development trend across global IT industry, and integrates precision air conditioning, UPS, battery pack, monitoring units, PDU, power distribution module and emergency spring door system in one or more cabinets. This system features lower construction cost incurred to user, faster deployment of core business, and environment-friendliness and energy conservation.


Ismart micro-module data center has been applied successfully in a wide range of applications, including: equipment control room of SME, large-scale enterprise and governmental agency, sales network of financial institutions, outlets and base stations of telecommunication providers, tourist attraction, gas station, toll gate, downstream juridical authorities, and administration service hall of government, providing a high-efficiency, stable and reliable integrated data center solution for them. The products feature safety and reliability, high efficiency and energy conservation, convenient and fast deployment, and intelligent management.


1. Safety and reliability


* All parts are in compliance with domestic and international standards to ensure product quality.


* Factory pre-fabrication, pre-assembly and pre-commissioning activities are under strict control to ensure safe and reliable product installation and operation. 


* Package system consisting of a single cabinet is suitable for various complex environments (dusty, narrow, non-constant temperature).


* As-whole design and delivery to avoid systems design problems.


* Intelligent high-temperature spring door system delays overheating of passage to allow time for data backup.


* Cabinet integrated with intelligent monitoring system to ensure safety and reliably operation of equipment.


2. High efficiency and energy conservation


*Front-end refrigeration and high-efficiency power supply, with single-cabinet annual average PUE≈1.50.


* Integration of power distribution, UPS, monitoring and cooling units in one to minimize floor occupation.


* Engineering-free design, decoration-free cabling, and remote unattended operational maintenance to save total cost.


3. Easy and fast deployment


* Fully modular design of Power distribution for easy installation and maintenance.


* Rack-type indoor air conditioning unit and threaded connection of pipeline for easy maintenance and service.


* Decoration-free control room and deliver-and-use equipment. Installation and commissioning cycle is only 3 hours.


* Package system consisting of a single cabinet allows for easy and fast expansion up to 2~3 rows of arrangement.


4. Intelligent management


* Open and scalable monitoring system.  * User-friend human-machine interface.


Local and remote Web-based access, and notification via SMS.


As computers are getting closer to end users and play more important role in supporting and providing network services, it is predicted that over a long period data center is one of the key trends in IT industry. In recent years many enterprises have combined a number of stations into one or a couple of relatively centralized and large-scale data centers, but have to rely on more connection equipment to ensure uninterrupted operation, since system crash will cause huge and unbearable losses. Therefore, standard and intelligent remote control and monitoring and correct design and the guarantee to sound, safe and reliable operation of micro data center. These designs will improve utilization ratio and lower complexity, make operation maintenance of micro data center easier and more cost-efficient.