What's iSmart Series Integrated Cabinet Solution?

Time of issue:2021-09-03


With the rapid development of data centers, customers' demand for data centers has increased, and their requirements have become more and more stringent. Not only the performance of the product should meet the demand, but the product must also be convenient and quick to use. In response to the current market situation, our company launched the iSmart series mini integrated data center.

The iSmart series is a highly integrated product that integrates the power supply and distribution system, the refrigeration system, and the supervision system in a standard 19-inch server cabinet. All equipment is pre-installed and pre-tested in the factory, with four core features: safety and reliability, high efficiency and energy saving, rapid deployment, intelligent monitoring.



Part 1:Supply and distribution system


The supply and distribution system includes four parts: UPS, battery, power distribution module, and PDU.


For UPS, there are 3kVA, 6kVA, and 10kVA long backup time type or standard backup time type for selection, the long backup time type UPS is 2U height, while the standard backup time type UPS is 4U height.


There are two types of battery packs, 8 batteries in a string are used for 3kVA UPS, and 16 batteries in a string are used for 6kVA and 10kVA UPS. Both of them are 2U height.


The power distribution module includes the main input breaker, UPS input breaker, UPS output breaker, UPS maintenance bypass breaker, air conditioner breaker, mains breaker, etc., and the input side is equipped with lightning protection function.


The system comes with two IEC standard PDUs, each with 16 ports, which are installed vertically on the side of the rear door, and take power from the mains and UPS separately to ensure the load power supply redundancy.


Part 2:Refrigeration system


The refrigeration system is designed to isolate the hot and cold aisles. The air conditioner adopts a split-type structure, constant temperature and humidity. The indoor unit is 5U height. The system has the features of high temperature of air-return design, high sensible heat ratio and high energy efficiency, etc.


Part 3:Supervision System


The intelligent monitoring screen "ePAD" integrates the monitoring host and the display screen into a whole. The LCD is a 10.1-inch touch screen with a complete historical data recording function. The supervision system supports multiple monitoring methods such as local LCD, local web, cloud web, mobile APP, etc.


The single cabinet control module is located on the top of the cabinet, does not occupy the available space of the system, and provides standardized interfaces for communication.


The access control supports multiple operation modes such as IC cards, fingerprints, and passwords.
The system also contains a wealth of monitoring components, such as smoke sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, water leakage sensor, webcam, infrared detector, audible and visual alarm, etc., to provide users with a complete and reliable monitoring system.


Part 4:Other components


There are two atmosphere lamps inside cabinet, which will display red, green, and blue lights in different colors according to the operating status of the system.


There is pneumatic spring door system on the top of the cabinet. When the temperature inside the cabinet is too high, the cabinet door will be opened automatically to prevent the equipment from downing due to high temperatures.


Proximal refrigeration, high-efficiency power supply, and the overall annual average PUE of a single cabinet are approximately equal to 1.3. Factory pre-installation, pre-testing, and whole-package transportation, customers can realize unattended remote operation and maintenance, saving TOC. It is suitable for computer rooms with a construction area of about 10 square meters. It is mainly used in scenes such as government-affiliated industry township outlets, bank outlets, precision equipment controllers in industrial applications, and network access for small and medium enterprises.