Environmental requirements for large and medium UPS power installation

Time of issue:2021-09-03



Generally, UPS manufacturers will provide users with complete and detailed UPS installation requirements and precautions. Only by meeting this requirement can the normal operation of the UPS power supply system be guaranteed. In actual application, the engineer can send the relevant parameters to the customer according to the actual situation of the UPS to be installed, so that the customer can construct according to this requirement.


Installation environment requirements


1. Temperature: 0℃~+40℃  


2. Relative humidity: 30%~90%  


3. Altitude: Below 1000 meters, use 10% derating for every 1000 meters above this altitude.  


4. The size of the installation environment is larger than the front, rear, left, right, and top of the chassis by 800mm or more to facilitate heat dissipation and routine maintenance;


5. Floor force requirements: 1500kg/m².  


6. Appropriate indoor temperature: Operate in an indoor environment of 0-40°C, but the temperature during opening should be higher than 0°C, and the ideal operating temperature is 25°C.


Installation requirements


1. The equipment installation site should be a level hard ground. If it is an anti-static raised floor, the load-bearing capacity of the floor should be considered, and the steel bracket should be designed and manufactured according to the weight of the equipment. The site should be able to get all necessary services, especially light, electricity and good ventilation. During installation, the user is required to prepare the cable laying trench in advance, the depth of which is about 40cm. When the user adopts the cable laying method of the bridge, the UPS model with the top-in and top-out cable should be selected.  


2. The site should be free of dust, especially conductive dust, otherwise it may cause a short circuit in the internal circuit of the equipment and affect the reliable operation of the UPS. At the same time, the site should not have or be near a heat source to ensure the environmental conditions specified by the equipment.  


3. In order to facilitate operation, equipment maintenance and equipment heat dissipation, at least 50-100cm of space should be left around the equipment cabinet and 100cm of space should be left on the upper part. When designing the cooling and ventilation system of the computer room, consider the heat generated by the UPS equipment.  


4. The working environment temperature is required to be 0~35℃, and the best temperature is about 25℃. The best humidity is 30%~70%.  


5. After the equipment is installed and wired in place, don't be busy powering on, but open the main cabinet to check the physical status of all components.