Rack UPS power application industry

Time of issue:2021-09-06



Rack-mounted UPS power supplies are widely used in communications, electric power, public security, fire protection, radio and television, finance, military, Internet and other industries. The matching and integrated equipment includes: communication base stations, integrated power distribution cabinets, data centers, modular integrated products Wait.


data center


Rack-mounted UPS power supply systems play an important role in power supply protection in data centers in various industries. To provide uninterrupted power supply for loads, it must have the function of electrical energy storage. For data centers, the most important thing in the entire operation process is energy efficiency. The level of energy efficiency directly reflects people's attitudes towards sustainable development and climate change. Data center operators are considering how to better apply the foundation. The UPS power system in the facility maximizes efficiency while providing consistency and flexibility with minimal capital expenditure (CAPEX).


In order to meet the increasing demand of load, enterprises will deploy a large number of lithium motor rack UPS power supply systems in the data center. This will greatly affect the overall operation and cost of the data center. The application of lithium-ion batteries in lithium-motor rack UPS power supply systems has many advantages: compared with lead-acid batteries of the same specification, its volume is reduced by 70% and its weight is lighter, which means that more computer room space can be allocated To the server.


Integrated cabinet


The integrated cabinet deeply integrates the data center infrastructure products, including UPS, power distribution, refrigeration, cabinets, fire protection and other subsystems, and realizes overall management of all systems through the monitoring system, simplifying the design and construction process. The reliable UPS power distribution system continuously escorts the IT equipment. At the same time, it is equipped with a precision refrigeration system to ensure the operating environment of the IT equipment, and the dynamic environment monitoring system is used to monitor the working status of the equipment in real time. The integrated cabinet adopts a fully sealed design and can be used in a variety of harsh indoor environments without the need for a separate computer room.


Rack-mounted UPS power supply is designed for the rack-mounted design of the computer room. It can be placed in a standard cabinet like other storage devices, hard disk video recorders, and the like. The appearance design adopts the most widely used 19-inch standard rack-mounted chassis at present. The rack-mounted installation method makes the machine in size (small space occupied), layout (link wiring in the cabinet), vision (unity and simplicity) and reliability ( It is superior to traditional tower UPS power supply in terms of preventing misoperation and miscontact.


In terms of availability, management, adaptability, and system protection, rack-mounted UPS power supplies are more intelligent and efficient, with battery over-under-voltage protection, output over-voltage protection, output under-voltage alarm, output short-circuit, over-temperature protection and other protection functions. Therefore, in the place where high-precision uninterruptible power supply is required for the integrated power distribution cabinet of the computer room, it is a very good choice to choose the rack-mounted UPS power supply.


Power Industry


The working principle and output characteristics of a power UPS are exactly the same as those of a traditional UPS. However, because it is connected to a DC operating power system, its DC input characteristics must meet the special requirements of the power system. Power UPS is designed for the power industry such as power plants and substations. In power plants and power systems, DCS (distributed control systems), monitoring systems, automation instruments, dispatching communication systems, microcomputer systems and other core equipment have an impact on power supply quality and The reliability requirements are very high, and a dedicated UPS is required for power supply. Most of these loads are single-phase loads.


The professional rack-mounted UPS power supply tailored for the power industry adapts to the harsh power grid environment within the power industry. It not only meets the load requirements of the power industry, but also allows users to no longer have to worry about the three-phase imbalance of the load. Make full use of the 220V/110V large-capacity battery pack in the power industry, which can extend the backup time of UPS to the utmost extent, and save the installation space and initial investment of the battery pack. Abundant intelligent communication interface, standard RS232 communication interface, DC remote online debugging and monitoring the operation of the power system, simplify network management, and improve the reliability of the system.


Financial sector


With China's reform and opening up, in recent years, foreign banks have continuously poured into China, which has had a certain impact on the financial industry market, triggering a new round of infrastructure construction and IT hardware investment demand. Therefore, it brings certain market opportunities for IT hardware equipment manufacturers, especially UPS manufacturers. With the development of the financial industry, a UPS power management solution was proposed and successfully applied to a foreign bank.


Rack-mounted UPS power supply, as the most commonly used power supply guarantee facility in data centers, and the most lossy link in the power supply and distribution system, plays an important role in the financial industry. Banks and financial companies must maintain many small systems that require individual power protection. An automatic teller machine (ATM) requires online rack UPS protection to avoid possible power supply abnormalities.


Because the data center needs to calculate a large amount of data, it consumes a lot of power. Moreover, all branches, ATMs and Internet banks also rely on the data center. Rack-mounted UPS can solve many potential energy problems, including voltage surges, voltage spikes, Necessary safety equipment for voltage dips, total power outages, and frequency differences. The financial industry can greatly reduce costs by allowing the system to obtain stable power supply during power outages, and continue to ensure smooth operation.


The rack-mounted UPS power supply adopts a double-conversion pure online architecture, which is the best architecture design to effectively solve all power problems. Ensure the stability, precision and reliability of the output power supply, and allow the load to run safely. Especially designed for rack-mounted applications, suitable for protecting rack-mounted servers, storage products and other rack-mounted network equipment.