8 important safety items for UPS power supply

Time of issue:2021-09-17



As the power guardian, UPS power supplies provide stable and uninterrupted power supply for key load equipment in various industries to protect them from power hazards such as overloads, short circuits, and surges to ensure normal business operations. With the rapid development of cloud applications and cloud hosting, the protection of connections and data storage devices is even more important.


1. In order to prevent the occurrence of fire or electric shock, please place the UPS in an indoor environment with appropriate temperature and humidity, and ensure that the environment is not polluted by non-conductive substances. In order to avoid overheating of this product, do not shade or cover the ventilation holes of the UPS, and avoid placing the UPS in direct sunlight or near heating devices such as electric heaters or stoves.


2. Do not plug in non-computer related equipment, such as medical appliances, life-sustaining equipment, microwave ovens, or vacuum cleaners. Do not insert the UPS plug into its own output socket. Absolutely avoid the inflow of liquid or foreign objects into the inside of the product. Do not place beverages or any vessels containing liquids on or near the UPS.


3. In an emergency, please press the shutdown button and unplug the power cord from the socket to properly shut down and isolate the product. Do not plug extension cords or protective sockets into the UPS (normal power strips can be used). If this product uses a metal shell, based on safety considerations, be sure to implement grounding when installing the UPS, so as to suppress the accidental leakage of electricity below a safe 3.5mA.


4. Beware of the risk of electric shock. Even if the UPS plug has been removed from the socket, the power contained in the internal battery is still dangerous. Therefore, when repairing the inside of the UPS, the positive and negative poles of the battery must be disconnected from the quick connector for safety.


5. When the internal battery is maintained or repaired, relevant professionals should perform or provide guidance from the side, and take necessary measures. Unauthorized personnel are not allowed to approach the battery.


6. If you need to replace the batteries, be sure to use the same number and type of batteries. The internal battery is a sealed lead-acid 6-cell battery with an output voltage of 12V DC.


7. Do not throw the battery into the fire, otherwise it may cause an explosion. Do not disassemble or damage the battery. If the electrolyte contained in the battery leaks, it will cause damage to the skin and eyes. Before cleaning this product, be sure to unplug the plug first, and do not apply or spray any liquid such as cleaning fluid.


8. The battery has the risk of electric shock, and will produce dangerous high current when short-circuited. Therefore, before replacing the battery, please observe the following:


① Remove watches, rings, and any metal objects worn;   

② Use tools designed with insulated handles;   

③ Put on rubber gloves and work shoes;   

④ Do not place tools or metal parts on the battery;   

⑤ After disconnecting the charging power supply, connect or disconnect the battery terminals.