iLegend Container Data Center Batch Production and Sales Announcement

Time of issue:2022-09-01



The installation, commissioning and overall review of iLegend Container Data Center project have been completed on July 28, 2022. The products meet the requirements of the specifications and are ready for production and marketing. Orders for production and sales can be received from now on, please inform the relevant departments.

The project details are as follows:

Ⅰ. Product Overview:
iLegend container data center adopts integrated solutions. The cabinet system, power supply and distribution system, refrigeration system, moving loop monitoring system, access control system, and wiring system are integrated into the box, which is pre-installed in the factory to achieve rapid on-site deployment. The inside of the container is insulated to effectively reduce the impact of the external environment on the internal IT load. A closed hot aisle design can make the maintenance personnel more comfortable in the cold aisle. Matching with the near-end refrigeration of row-level air conditioning, iLegend is characterized by high efficiency, reliability, green energy saving, rapid deployment, safe and reliability, intelligent management, convenient migration, and strong environmental adaptability.

Ⅱ. Product Specifications and Models: 

Order Number Readymade Code Model
1 IL100(40ft container)
IL200(20ft container)


Ⅲ. Application Scenarios: 
The application industries are mainly the data centers that need to be built quickly and easily moved around outdoors, such as sports venues, oil exploration, Marine scientific research and emergency communications.

Ⅳ. Product Technical Characteristics: 
1. Safety and reliability -- IP55 protection grade, redundancy design of key components, automatic submerged fire extinguishing system, factory prefabrication 
2. High efficiency and energy saving -- integrated design, cold and hot channel isolation, precision refrigeration, reduce energy consumption 
3. Simple and fast -- overall integration, ready-to-use, standard transportation, global accessibility 
4. Intelligent management -- comprehensive monitoring system, multiple human-computer interaction methods, early warning of key data, intelligent operation and maintenance

V. Product Responsible Person: 
PDT Manager: Wen Yang 


Ⅵ. Mass production mode: 
iLegend Container Data Center is order-to-order manufacturing, no need to stock in advance.


Date: August 11, 2022