INVT modular UPS won the award of "Innovative Products of the year"

Time of issue:2022-05-31


On May 18th, the 2022 IT market annual conference with the theme of "Key Technology Innovation · Fusion Digital Kinetic Energy" was grandly held in Beijing. INVT Power System (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd won the "2022 IT market authority list" and the award of "New Generation of Information Technology Innovative Products". The IT market annual conference is hosted by CCID Consulting. Since the first annual conference was held in 2000, it has been successfully held for 22 consecutive sessions. It is one of the longest lasting annual top events in Chinese IT industry.

The transformation and innovation of IT technology has become a huge driving force to drive the transformation and development of the world. It is not only the focus of a new round of science and technology game, but also the key of global industrial layout and economic recovery, which grasps the innovative application of key information technology, gathers the momentum of digital development, and promotes the deep integration of digital economy and real economy. It is of great significance for China to seize the opportunity of a new round of industrial reform.

At this IT industry event, which brought together elite representatives from government leaders, industry experts, enterprise leaders and scientific and technological circles, five industry heavyweight awards announced one by one. INVT's modular UPS products won the "New Generation of Information Technology Innovation Products". This series of products are developed and produced through core technology, combined with all digital power supply products at the forefront of the industry. Each performance index has reached the international advanced level.Meanwhile, it has a very high cost performance, with a breakthrough improvement in power supply reliability, availability and maintainability. In addition, it has remarkable characteristics in technical architecture, mode, format and presentation form, and meets the market demand perfectly.