What is the role of UPS in industry

Time of issue:2022-09-02


With the increase of various precision equipment, industrial production to the fine development of power supply quality put forward higher and higher requirements. It not only requires reliable continuity of power supply, but also has special requirements for the purity of UPS power supply.


However, it should be pointed out that in industrial power applications, on the one hand, the reliability of power supply is needed. On the other hand, power supply equipment is often affected by various factors in operation, and it is difficult to effectively ensure the quality of power supply, such as power grid pollution, natural lightning, large capacity motor start-up, power factor compensation capacitor switching and so on. This will directly affect the quality of power supply, resulting in voltage fluctuations, pulses and even power supply interruption. In this context, UPS power supply has been widely used in the industrial field with its advantages of high voltage stabilization accuracy and uninterrupted supply of pure electric energy to the load, providing reliable power guarantee for industrial production and management.


Based on the particularity of industrial applications, compared with the UPS power supply used in the general data room, the industrial UPS power supply has great differences in many aspects such as operating environment and actual load. First of all, in the industrial production and manufacturing process, often accompanied by dust, acid mist, high temperature, noise, dry or humidity is too large and other harsh environmental conditions. At the same time, the industrial power grid environment is extremely unstable, and it often faces various grid pollution such as radio wave disturbance, surge impact, peak reduction and so on. Secondly, the load connected to industrial UPS power supply is extremely complex, mostly inductive load, capacitive load, fluctuation and peak impact load. This has a great effect on the current.Therefore, comprehensive consideration of various objective factors, in practical applications, industrial UPS power supply needs to ensure high reliability and high availability on the basis of environmental adaptability, protection level, load capacity and other aspects of outstanding performance, in order to effectively deal with industrial applications in harsh operating environment, power supply environment and load environment test.


At present, in the field of industrial UPS power supply in China, major mainstream manufacturers continue to increase research and development efforts according to the characteristics and actual needs of industrial applications, and launch high-quality industrial UPS power supply products to provide power protection for important equipment such as intelligent precision instruments and industrial automation systems in the industrial field.


Industrial series industrial high-power UPS power supply design advanced, easy to operate, easy to maintain. The system not only has high reliability, high availability, intelligent and other good performance, but also has a wider range of product capabilities and various technical advantages.


The intelligent direct parallel current sharing technology of UPS power supply can ensure the safe and reliable parallel use of two UPS with the same capacity, which significantly improves the reliability of the system. It has strong overload capacity and excellent short-circuit output current limiting capacity. It can operate safely at full load even at 40, and has the quality suitable for industrial applications. In industrial design, industrial series UPS power supply mainly considers objective factors such as dust in the application environment, harsh conditions of high temperature and high humidity, and frequent impact of industrial load. By adopting technical measures such as electrical isolation, short-circuit protection and battery management, it has strong environmental adaptability and anti-grid pollution ability.