Early Warning of Computer Room Environment in Summer

Time of issue:2022-07-27


The hot summer is coming. According to the historical network operation, the equipment temperature is too high and the single board failure is significantly increased due to the poor operating environment of the computer room. In order to ensure the healthy operation of your computer room, it is necessary to carry out targeted equipment operation environment inspection, dust net cleaning and other work.

The following points shall be achieved for high temperature prevention:

1. Cabinet air inlet temperature
Temperature: 18°C~27°C,
Temperature change rate ≤ 5°C /h

2. Dust accumulation of equipment
Clean the dust net regularly without blockage (it is recommended to clean it quarterly)

3. Redundancy of air conditioner in computer room
Air conditioner n+1 redundancy

4. Equipment operating temperature
≤45°C, without high temperature alarm

5. Fan operation of equipment
The fan operates normally, without fan abnormal alarm.
High temperature hazard cases

Case 1:

Several 8650C MCUs in an office have high temperature alarms, and the equipment is frequently restarted. According to the on-site investigation, only one precision air conditioner works normally, the temperature of the computer room is too high, and the dust on the dust filter is serious.
Treatment results: clean the dust filter. After the air conditioner is turned on, the alarm and restart phenomenon disappear.

Case 2:

A local precision air conditioner reported the compressor exhaust high pressure locking alarm, stopped refrigeration, the computer room temperature increased, and some loads were forced to shut down.
Treatment results: it was found that the outdoor unit adsorbed more poplar flocs, and the normal refrigeration was restored after cleaning. In spring and summer, the outdoor unit is easy to be blocked by poplar flocs and willow flocs, which affects heat exchange and needs to be cleaned regularly.

Case 3:

The network element of a computer room was disconnected. It was found that the temperature of the equipment was too high and the fan was running at full speed.
Treatment results: the temperature drops after cleaning the dust filter. Continue to replace the single board, and the problem solved. The bad parts were returned for analysis. The solder ball of the chip solder joint of the single board was half melted, resulting in a short circuit.

Case 4:

The precision air conditioner in the computer room of a certain office failed, the temperature increased, and the equipment network was interrupted.
Treatment results: after analysis, the single board switching chip works abnormally due to high temperature. The switching chip is protected from high temperature and the switching port is automatically closed.

Typical scenes and treatment measures of equipment high temperature:

The failure of the air conditioner in the computer room, without redundancy, serious dust on the dust filter, blocked air inlet and exhaust ducts of the equipment, fan failure, etc. lead to the continuous accumulation of equipment heat load and the continuous rise of the temperature.