Which devices are not suitable for UPS power?

Time of issue:2022-09-05


When referring to the load of UPS power supply, people will first think of precision equipment such as computers, but some products are not suitable for UPS power supply. In order to ensure the normal and reliable operation of UPS electrical equipment, the selection of UPS power supply and the matching of load are very important. When purchasing UPS power supply, it is necessary to clarify the use environment that UPS power supply needs to face and maximize its due role. So what devices are UPS power supply can not carry it ?


1. Daylight lamp

Should choose large margin UPS power supply, because the fluorescent lamp starting impulse current is large, and the resistive component is high.


2. Electric motors

Need to choose a large margin UPS power supply, because it is inductive load, and high starting impact.


3. Air conditioning

UPS power supply is generally prohibited, because the air conditioning start stamping is very large and belongs to the inductive load.


4. Copiers and high-speed printers

Because it often produces impulse current in the working process, it is not loadable.


5. electric furnace wire ( pure resistance load )

It is necessary to select a large margin UPS power supply, because it is a resistive load.


6. Laser printer

Large margin UPS power supply should be selected, because the impact current is often generated during its working process.