Another honor! INVT Power won the "Top Ten Enterprise Brand" award in the industry

Time of issue:2022-10-18


Shenzhen INVT Power Co., Ltd. stood out in the event jointly organized by Beijing Institute of Electronics, China Computer Users Association, China Green Data Center Promotion Alliance, and "Data Center Construction +" magazine. The theme of this event is "2022 Eighteenth 2018 Data Center Infrastructure Technology Summit and User Satisfaction Survey Results Announcement Conference".Witnessed by representatives of various enterprises in the industry, experts and scholars and related professionals, INVT Power won the "Top Ten UPS Brand Enterprise Award in 2021".

Top 10 UPS Enterprise Brands Trophy and Certificate of Honor -INVT Power

"UPS Top Ten Brand Enterprises" Trophy and Certificate of Honor


With the theme of "Exploring the New Future of Metaverse Empowerment", the event focused on the discussion of Metaverse development technology, technology applications, the impact of Metaverse technology on the data center industry, data center upgrade and transformation, energy saving and efficiency enhancement, etc. To analyze and discuss hot issues such as technological innovation, market development, challenges and opportunities.


As a new type of digital infrastructure in the future, Metaverse needs to carry out large-scale "digital infrastructure" like 5G networks, Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc. As an important hardware facility for computing and storage, the data center has become an important infrastructure supporting the rapid application and development of the Metaverse. And the data center industry will also be integrated with the Metaverse industry to seize new opportunities and empower a new future!

Top 10 UPS Enterprise Brands Conference site map-INVT Power

Conference site map


As a reliable provider of overall computer room energy solutions, INVT Power is a national high-tech enterprise, Guangdong Modular UPS Engineering Technology Center, and a well-known brand in Shenzhen, focusing on modular UPS, rack-mounted modular UPS, and integrated modular UPS. , Tower UPS, power frequency online UPS, online UPS, online rack UPS, backup UPS, battery and other research and development, production and application.


Our products have won unanimous praise from our customers for their high reliability and high cost performance, and are widely used in government, finance, communications, education, transportation, meteorology, radio and television, industrial and commercial taxation, health care, energy and power , other fields and 80 countries and regions around the world.