Science and technology to promote education!

Time of issue:2022-10-26


With the continuous development of information technology and the improvement of campus network construction, the construction of digital campus data centers has become the focus of school education informatization.


The data center solution of INVT Network Power successfully settled in Changzhou Experimental Primary School, providing a strong guarantee for the campus to comprehensively improve the modern management level, ensure the quality and safety of campus education, and promote the construction of smart campus informatization.


There are three important meanings of building a data center on a digital campus:


① Enhance the information management ability of school students' work. From the perspective of the overall development of the school, building a big data platform can change the traditional student management model and become more intelligent, which is conducive to paving the way for the construction of a smart school in the future, and its importance cannot be ignored.


② It is beneficial to grasp the students' ideology in real-time. Through the effective use of big data technology, the efficiency of controlling students' ideology can be improved, and the corresponding information can be obtained from more channels and angles, so as to ensure the accuracy of the obtained information, and change the previous management form of passively accepting tasks to The way of active analysis makes the work of school students more smoothly.


③ Promoting the process of school information innovation management reform. By building a big data platform, collect student-related information, including information on learning, living conditions, course selection preferences, reading types, etc., and the school's curriculum arrangements, teacher status, teaching plans, textbook content, and enrollment. Correlate information, make relevant analysis, and obtain valuable information, so as to help schools grasp students' personality characteristics and interests, which is conducive to adopting targeted teaching methods, compiling matching teaching materials, and serving students as the core of work, to effectively promote the process of school informatization innovation management reform.


In response to the informatization construction needs of Changzhou Experimental Primary Schools, INVT Network Power provides iWit Series Medium-sized Integrated Data Center solutions to provide comprehensive key infrastructure support for campus smart teaching upgrades and safe and efficient operation. The business construction period has been greatly shortened, and the rapid on-demand deployment to match business changes has further improved the quality of the teaching system and empowered it to promote the construction of smart campus informatization.


To sum up, the data center is a platform for collecting, processing, and storing various data information resources and providing data and information sharing services for the whole school. The construction of a data center in a digital campus can not only integrate information resources in all aspects of the entire school, but also allow information resources to be shared, thereby improving the utilization rate of information resources, and provide an important basis for school managers and leaders to make decisions and conduct Decision analysis, thereby promoting the steady and sustainable development of the school.


iWit Series Medium-sized Integrated Data Center solutions

iWit Series Medium-sized Integrated Data Center integrates all the equipment required by small or medium-sized data centers into the fully enclosed cabinets of the cold and hot aisles and is equipped with various environmental data sampling sensors, which are uniformly monitored by the eSite cloud image monitoring system. It standardizes the entire data center in a smaller space, provides a safe and reliable operating environment for customer equipment, and greatly improves remote intelligent management capabilities. Professional engineers are not required for maintenance, which greatly simplifies construction, operation, and maintenance.



1. Safe and reliable

2. High efficiency and energy saving

3. Quick installation

4. Intelligent management