25-100kW Large Room Air Conditioner Batch Production and Sales Announcement

Time of issue:2022-10-14


The 25~100kW Air Cooling Large Room Air Conditioner project passed the TR6 production transfer review on September 29, 2022. The product meets the requirements of the specification and has passed the review of the completeness of product data. All processes, technologies, and description documents have been filed. The products can be mass-produced and sold from now on, please inform the relevant departments!

The project details are as follows:

Ⅰ. Overall product introduction:

Medium and large room-level precision air conditioners are specially developed products for the needs of medium and large data centers, computer rooms, communication rooms, equipment rooms, battery rooms and other application scenarios. It is a core basic product in the computer room air-conditioning industry. The whole series of models is divided into 12 cooling sections according to the cooling capacity, divided into top front supply, upflow supply and down flow supply. According to the air supply mode, and divided into normal temperature type and low temperature type according to whether the low-temperature components are equipped. Frame structure design, flexible combination of 6 basic frames to form 72 standard models to meet different customer needs.

Ⅱ. Product specifications and models:

For detailed product types, please visit the website: https://www.invt-power.com/product/VCA-Series-Room-Precision-AC-(25KW-100KW)-99.html

Or email us: networkpowersales@invt.com.cn

Ⅲ. Product application scenarios:

Application scenarios such as medium and large data centers, computer rooms, communication rooms, equipment rooms, and battery rooms.

Ⅳ. Product technical characteristics:

  • Efficient backward tilt EC centrifugal fan, dynamically adjust the speed to achieve maximum energy-saving operation;
  • Scroll compressor, higher efficiency, better resistance to liquid shock;
  • Large-area V-shaped copper-aluminum fin evaporator, better airflow organization and lower wind resistance;
  • Electronic expansion valve, fast response and accurate flow regulation;
  • 10-inch true color capacitive touch screen, support graphic status and temperature and humidity curve display;
  • The same area supports 64 units for CAN communication networking;
  • Intelligent monitoring of power supply voltage, power frequency and three-phase unbalance;
  • Modular frame structure design, on-site handling and disassembly, no need to cut copper pipes.