150kVA Modular UPS used in Wujiang Transportation Hub project

Time of issue:2023-09-25


Offered product: RM Series  Modular Online UPS 25-200kVA-RM150/25C


Time: 2023


Location: Jiangsu Province · China


In urban rail transit, the station contains many weak current equipment systems, such as communication, signal, integrated monitoring, emergency lighting, and integrated automation of substations, which are important primary loads and need to ensure the quality and continuity of power supply.
Therefore, INVT Power rationally configured the Wujiang transportation hub in a targeted manner, provided 150kVA UPS, greatly improved the utilization rate and reliability of the power supply, and reduced power loss at the same time.


45kVA Modular UPS used in Wujiang Transportation Hub project1-INVT Power