Why are precision air conditioners gradually used in IT rooms?

Time of issue:2023-10-11


Ordinary air conditioners cannot be used in the computer room, because ordinary air conditioners only provide users with a suitable temperature and the humidity cannot be controlled. The electronic equipment in the computer room will emit heat to the computer room through heat transfer, convection, and radiation. If the humidity in the computer room is too humid or too dry, it will have a great impact on the electronic equipment in the computer room. This requires an uninterrupted air conditioning system to provide a constant temperature and humidity environment for the computer room. In addition to constant temperature and humidity, the factors that require the use of precision air conditioning in computer rooms include:


Reason 1: High reliability


(1) The function of the control system is closely related to the overall function of the air conditioning system. A highly sophisticated control system can ensure the reliability of the computer room air conditioner.


Many computer room air conditioning manufacturers have specially developed a series of controllers as components of the air conditioning system. Electronic controllers or microcomputer controls are now very common. Some companies have applied fuzzy control technology to computer room air conditioning systems.


(2) The grid adaptability of the computer room precision air conditioner is also an important indicator to judge its function.


Taking small computer rooms such as mobile base stations and outdoor computer rooms as examples, they are generally in a harsh power grid environment and the grid voltage fluctuates greatly, which requires a corresponding refrigeration system with good grid adaptability.


(3) The nature of a small computer room determines its requirement for high reliability of the air conditioning system.


In terms of design, the reliability of special air conditioners for computer rooms is much higher than that of ordinary air conditioners. A series of measures have been taken in the planning and manufacturing of the structure and control system, as well as the composition of the air conditioning system, to ensure trouble-free operation of the equipment all year round.


(4) The most important thing for a computer room is reliability


To operate trouble-free for 8,760 hours a year, the computer room air conditioner requires reliable components and an excellent control system. Usually, the computer room has N+1 backup. If one air conditioner fails, the other air conditioners can take over the entire system immediately.


Reason 2: Precise control


Temperature control is only one aspect of computer room environmental conditioning. In addition, temperature control accuracy, humidity adjustment, air filtration, etc. are also important policy requirements of the computer room environment for the refrigeration system.


(1) Humidity

In the computer room, if the humidity is too high, it will condense into water mist or even water droplets, and if the humidity is too low, static electricity will occur. Both conditions are very detrimental to the operation of the equipment.



Due to the uneven distribution of the temperature field in the computer room, the adjustment accuracy of ordinary air conditioners can only ensure the control of the temperature at the near-end equipment of the air conditioner.


(3) Cleanliness

In addition to temperature and humidity, the computer room also has strict requirements for air cleanliness. Dust and corrosive gases in the air will seriously damage the life of electronic components and cause problems such as poor contact and short circuits.


(4) High-precision planning

Computers, especially servers, have very high requirements for temperature and humidity. If the change is too large, the computer's calculations may be wrong. High-precision computer room precision air conditioners can achieve a temperature accuracy of ±0.5°C and a humidity accuracy of ±2%.


Reason 3: High efficiency and energy-saving


From the perspective of energy efficiency ratio, the energy efficiency ratio of industrial-grade compressors used in computer room air conditioners is as high as 3.3 or more, while the energy efficiency ratio of compressors currently used in the industry for comfort air conditioners is about 2.9, which is much lower than that of computer room air conditioners.