60kVA Power Module Production and Sales Announcement

Time of issue:2023-07-27


The PS2103 PM60D and cabinet project passed the TR6 conversion review on June 16, 2023. The product meets the requirements of the specification and has passed the complete review of product data. All processes, technologies, and explanatory documents have been archived, and the product has reached mass production. Conditions, mass production and sales can be carried out from now on, please inform the relevant departments!


The details of the project are as follows:


1. General product introduction:

RM600/60D is the company's fourth-generation modular online high-frequency UPS power supply.

The product converts the main power into a pure sine wave power supply to the load. When the mains power fails, the UPS ensures uninterrupted power supply to the load by switching to battery power. The whole product includes two parts: cabinet and module. The modules can be hot-swappable, and form a complete UPS system with the cabinet.

This product is mainly aimed at medium and large server rooms, customers with high requirements on product reliability and energy consumption.


2. Product specifications and models:

Serial number

Finished machine code












3. Product application industry:

Widely used in government, finance, communications, education, transportation, meteorology, radio and television, industrial and commercial taxation, medical and health care, energy and power, and other industries.


4. Product technical features:

  • Brand new power topology platform, industry-leading thermal efficiency, and performance of the whole machine.
  • The input power factor is as high as 0.99, the input harmonic current is less than 3%, the overall efficiency is 97%, and it is highly efficient and energy-saving.
  • Bi-directional DC_DC topology platform, supporting more than 30% charging power.
  • Support battery and grid to supply power to the load at the same time, intelligent peak shifting power supply.
  • With intelligent sleep mode, you can set the rotation time to perform sleep rotation to achieve green energy saving.
  • The power density of a single module reaches 60kW/2U, and the 600kW system covers an area of less than 0.9㎡.
  • 10-inch color touch screen, brand-new display style, supports the Internet of Things, and intelligent big data monitoring.
  • The number of battery cells can be adjusted from 30 to 48 cells to support lithium battery applications.
  • The panel is equipped with an EPO emergency shutdown button.
  • Intelligent system self-diagnosis scheme, rich fault records, and large-capacity historical record storage space.


5. Mass production mode:

The production adopts the BTP (Build to Plan) mode, and the goods are prepared in advance according to the sales forecast.