5.5-32kW Inverter Small Room Cooling Batch Production and Sales Announcement

Time of issue:2023-07-27


The 5.5-32kW Inverter Small Room Cooling project passed the TR6 conversion review on July 19, 2023. Filed, the product has reached the mass production conditions, and can be mass produced and sold from now on, please inform the relevant departments!


The details of the project are as follows:


1. General product introduction:

With the development of the data center industry, the scale and energy consumption of the data center are increasing significantly. Under the national "double carbon" goal, the green data center is born, and green and low carbon has become the only way for the transformation and development of the computer room. The frequency conversion computer room air conditioner can adjust the output in real time according to the indoor load change, and has the characteristics of high temperature and humidity control accuracy and high energy efficiency. The frequency conversion computer room air conditioner will help the green and low-carbon development of the data center. The frequency conversion base station air conditioner is a special precision air conditioner installed in small and medium computer rooms, power distribution rooms, battery rooms, communication base stations and other places to provide internal environmental temperature, humidity and cleanliness control. The unit is equipped with DC frequency conversion compressor, EC backward centrifugal fan and electronic expansion valve as standard. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, 365×24 hours of uninterrupted and stable operation, etc.


2. Product application scenarios:

Small and medium computer rooms, power distribution rooms, battery rooms, UPS rooms, communication base stations and other fields.


3. Product technical features:

The structure types of indoor units are divided into front air supply and downward air supply;

The whole series adopts EC fan, DC inverter compressor, and electronic expansion valve configuration, and the unit dynamically outputs cooling capacity according to the load change;

Standard wet film humidifier, extreme energy saving;

The outdoor unit adopts stepless speed regulation control mode, which saves energy and reduces noise;

Standard configuration 4.3 inches/7 inches true color touch screen, friendly man-machine interface;

Support up to 64 air conditioners patrolling network, support fault rotation, patrolling, anti-competition operation, etc.;

Real-time control of system health status, fault self-diagnosis;

All series of internal and external units are connected by thread, with no need for pipeline welding, and are easy to install;

Standard units below 12.5kW (inclusive) have been pre-charged with refrigerant and equipped with outdoor unit cables, ready to use;

Optional low-temperature outdoor unit, to achieve reliable operation at an outdoor temperature of -20°C~-40°C;

The noise value of the whole machine can be adjusted according to the low-noise requirements of the site;

Abundant optional accessories, such as low-temperature components, high-temperature solutions, condensate pumps, electrode humidification, fluorine pump solutions, Extension components and drop components are optional.


4. Mass production mode:

The production adopts the BTP (Build to Plan) mode, and the goods are prepared in advance according to the sales forecast.