Master 12 key points before upgrading the old computer room

Time of issue:2023-05-14



With the progress of the times and the development of technology, the traditional old computer room configured in the early years can no longer meet the thriving enterprise development; with the increase of stored data and the expansion of equipment, it is necessary to increase the number of cabinets and UPS capacity; the construction of traditional old computer rooms. Due to the backward technology in the early years, not only the solutions are backward, the expansion is difficult or impossible, but also the huge computer room space is occupied. Therefore, most companies choose to abolish the old computer room and rebuild the micro-module data center.

The data center computer room is an important area within the enterprise. How to protect the security performance of the computer room is very important. The micro-module computer room is the choice of the era of the data room. The modular data room divides the large data center into several independent areas (independent modules). The construction scale, power load, and resource allocation of each area are designed and constructed in accordance with unified standards. With the continuous development of IT equipment requirements, independent modules can be continuously added and gradually built on demand to achieve rapid construction and rapid replication of existing data centers.

There is a saying in the construction team that "I would rather build 10 new computer rooms instead of renovating 1 old computer room"; it shows that the difficulty of rebuilding an old computer room is far greater than that of building a new computer room; there are too many problems to be concerned about in the reconstruction of the computer room, and the transformation time is often It takes much longer than building a new computer room. The transformation of the computer room must first consider whether the enterprise load can be out of power for a long time, and secondly, the placement of old equipment after removal and the disposal of used batteries, etc., especially some government institutions and people’s public security units. The early construction often fills the entire computer room. They are all important equipment, and the key part of the equipment is still single power input, which invisibly enlarges the difficulty of rebuilding the computer room; therefore, in the early stage of construction, it is necessary to form a professional team, improve the overall renovation plan, and implement it in strict accordance with the renovation plan. Ensure the smooth completion of the reconstruction of the computer room.

A public security bureau’s current traditional UPS host room is on the first floor of the first building. The UPS deployed in the early years has been in operation for many years. Now this traditional computer room needs to be transformed into a micro-module computer room that can meet the needs of the public security bureau. The new micro-module computer room will be responsible for the entire public security bureau. The load of 5 buildings, and the distance between each building is more than 50 meters, through the asphalt road underground pipeline, the current public security bureau has the following problems:

1. The 5 UPSs currently used in the computer room on the first floor of the City Bureau Building No. 1 are used for the information center room, communication room, and technical surveillance room of the City Bureau Building 1, etc. The batteries have reached the end of the purchase period and need to be replaced. , And the server cabinet is aging, some have been deformed, and need to be completely replaced.

2. The UPS power supply of the Interpol Detachment Laboratory in Building 3 of the Municipal Bureau, the Household Registration Machine Room in Building 4 (20KVA), the Fax Room in Building 1 and the 24-hour Pass Office of the Entry and Exit Building (10KVA) have all passed the valid period of use or not equipped with UPS power supply.

3. The newly-built command hall of the Municipal Bureau and 110 police officers are located in the second building (200KVA), and there is currently no UPS power supply.

4. As UPS equipment power, server cabinets and battery capacity can no longer effectively support the existing information equipment, in the process of city power outage and city bureau power supply equipment failure and maintenance some time ago, the public security network was interrupted and the police were allied for many times. The unavailability of other important business systems, as well as damage to network equipment, server motherboard hard disks, etc., will have a great impact on the city's public security work.

5. The battery packs are all placed in a conjoined battery cabinet. Due to the limited space in the battery cabinet, the door of the daily battery cabinet is closed, which is not conducive to heat dissipation and affects the life of the battery.

Among the above 5 problems of the Public Security Bureau, there are two most difficult problems. The first is that the public security system cannot be powered off for a long time, especially the 110 command center, while the old computer room cannot be rebuilt into the new computer room without continuous power; the second is the wiring between floors. The problem is that due to the design of the previous years, the line pipe is under the asphalt road. Whether the line pipe is unblocked and the distance is too long, the size of the cable needs to be considered.


For the reconstruction of the computer room, the construction content can be divided into 4 stages:

1. Cable laying

Lay the cables between the floors in advance. Since each floor is far away and powered by one computer room, it is necessary to lay the cable before switching power supply. This can greatly reduce the switching time, so that the public security system does not need to be powered off for too long, especially the 110 in Building 2. Command hall.

2. Switch the old UPS loaded equipment

Choose an appropriate time (communication with the customer), store the data, and turn off the load; after confirming that all the old UPS loaded devices are normally shut down, cut off the old UPS power supply, and connect the original mains input cabinet directly to the original output On the power distribution cabinet, the load is directly loaded by the mains, and the power supply is restored, and the load can be used normally; in this way, the original UPS is independent, that is, the use of the load is not affected during the removal of the UPS and the battery pack and the installation stage.

3. Dismantle old equipment

Remove the independent UPS equipment and batteries, install new UPS and batteries, etc.; after all the equipment except the cabinet system is replaced, communicate with the public security bureau to choose the most likely day and night to dismantle the cabinet and assemble it. In the case of a professional team, 2 nights and 1 day are enough to assemble a micro module. This is also a feature that the micro module is better than the traditional computer room, and it can be deployed quickly. During construction, construction specifications and construction sequence will be strictly followed to ensure construction safety and construction quality:

The main cables used in the project are flame-retardant cables, and all cables are laid out along the cable channel. Bundling and fire prevention work should be done when laying out.

When laying cables in the same channel, AC cables and DC cables should be bundled separately and try not to cross; signal cables and DC cables should also be bundled separately, and try not to cross.

It must be confirmed that the power can be cut off before the mains power needs to be cut off, and the data to be stored should be stored before the power cut off, and the server should be shut down.

The installer has relevant professional knowledge and technical level, and is familiar with the specifications, technical indicators and installation process of the equipment described in this project.

4. Overall switching

After installing the micro-modules in the host room, the power supply to the host room load is restored at the same time. At this time, the load of each floor is switched to UPS loading (4-8 hours, the cables are laid in advance in the early stage), and the transitional use is removed during the installation process. The original power distribution cabinet. After switching, ensure that the power distribution output is stable three-phase 380V, single-phase 220V, and then provide UPS green power for the load.

The above is a simple transformation plan of the old computer room. Before construction, the plan design is done well and the progress is mastered to be orderly. We can make the plan into a process as following:




Assignment Summary

The 1st stage


The equipment arrives at the scene

Inventory and verify equipment and materials


Laying of connecting cables between the buildings

Laying cables and power distribution transformation between buildings

The 2nd stage


The load in the computer room is switched to the mains or temporary power supply

Before dismantling, do a good job of storing the data and turn off the load


Dismantle the original equipment room UPS, batteries, etc.

Arrange the original cables, and mark them


Remove the original host cable

Organize the original cable, and make a mark



Remove the old battery and cut the battery cabinet

Remove the old battery and move it to the designated place, cut the battery cabinet, and clean the site


Place and install UPS, power distribution cabinets, batteries, and micro-modules

Clean and confirm the location before placing them, and place the equipment as required


Install the connection cable between the host and the battery

Install the cable and connect the DC MCB


Connect and debug the input and output cables of the new UPS

Store the data, turn off the load in the computer room, and connect the input and output cables and battery cables

The 3rd stage


Remove old equipment, clean up the site; install new equipment, and lay connection cables

Strictly abide by the construction specifications and construction sequence to ensure construction safety and construction quality

The 4th stage


Commissioning of all equipment

Debug the newly installed equipment to ensure stable output


The equipment room load switch UPS green power supply

Switch the power supply to complete the installation


Every project and every customer's computer room is different. With the increase of stored data, the load increases, and more and more projects will be used to transform the old computer room. The micro-module data solution will become the mainstream. When we are doing every project well At the same time, it is necessary to design a construction plan in the early stage to prevent hidden dangers. While doing a good job in product quality, installing equipment and solving problems for customers is also the top priority; the development of an enterprise is not only about product quality, but also Customer service maintenance should be done well, serving customers from beginning to end, and keeping up with the country's development trends is the foundation of a company's long-term foothold.