UPS Basic Knowledge Summary- Main Function of UPS

Time of issue:2023-03-08


UPS is the abbreviation of Uninterruptable Power Supply in English, translated as "uninterruptible power supply" in Chinese; it is an electrical device that can realize uninterrupted mutual switching between two power supplies.

UPS: An energy conversion device that uses battery chemical energy as backup energy to continuously provide (alternating current) power to user equipment in the event of grid failures such as city power outages. Strictly speaking, UPS is not a power supply. It does not rely on the conversion of energy forms to provide electric energy. It just provides an opportunity to switch between two power sources without interruption. This is the main design idea of UPS.


UPS system composition: A complete UPS system is composed of UPS host, battery, mains (generator), background monitoring or network monitoring software/hardware and other units.


The main function of UPS:

① Uninterrupted mutual switching between two power sources;

②Isolation function: block power grid disturbances such as instantaneous interruption, harmonics, voltage fluctuations, frequency fluctuations and voltage noise before the load, even if the disturbance in the power grid does not affect the load, the load will not generate disturbance to the power grid:

② Voltage conversion function: the input voltage is equal to or not equal to the output voltage, such as 380V/380V, 380V/220V, including voltage stabilization function:

④Frequency conversion function: the input frequency is equal to or not equal to the output frequency, such as 50Hz/50Hz, 50Hz/60Hz, including frequency stabilization function:

⑤Provide a certain backup time: UPS batteries store a certain amount of energy, and continue to supply power for a period of time to protect the load when the grid is out of power or intermittently; the backup time is 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes or longer.

① and ⑤ are to ensure the continuity of power supply to the load; ②, ③ and ④ are to ensure the quality of power supply to the load.