Little knowledge about the maintenance of the computer room in winter

Time of issue:2023-02-09


The temperature control mechanism of the computer room air conditioner is used to ensure the temperature and humidity environment of the computer room. Compared with ordinary air conditioners, the maintenance and management of precision air conditioners are different, and the daily maintenance and management also have higher requirements.


1. Refrigeration system


(1) Insufficient refrigerant


After entering winter, if the refrigerant is not replenished in time, the air conditioner compressor will not be cooled enough to cause mechanical failure, which will easily lead to low pressure alarm protection of the system. Therefore, when the air conditioner has a high-pressure alarm, it is necessary to check whether the refrigerant is sufficient.


(2) The outdoor unit itself has no fan speed regulation or the speed regulation fails


The outdoor condensing fan of some computer room air conditioners is not controlled by stepless speed regulation. When the fan speed is too high, the refrigerant supercooling degree on the high-pressure side is likely to be too high under the low ambient temperature in winter, and the condensation pressure is too low. A large amount of refrigerant gathers on the high-pressure side. , The refrigerant on the low-pressure side is insufficient, resulting in low-pressure protection. This is also the case if the governor fails. Therefore, it is also very important to ensure that the fan speed control of the outdoor unit is normal.


(3) The filter is dirty and blocked


If the filter screen is not cleaned or replaced regularly, the circulating air volume of the air conditioner will decrease, the evaporating temperature and evaporating pressure of the evaporator will drop, and it will also cause icing on the surface of the evaporator or low-pressure alarm protection. Cleaning or replacing the filter screen regularly is also a kind of safety guarantee.


2. Dehumidification system


(1) Humidification failure or water leakage due to untimely maintenance


If the maintenance is not timely, the scale of the humidification tank or the humidification water tray will exceed the allowable range, if it is an electrode type humidification. The humidification current will drop due to the scale covering the surface of the metal electrode, which will reduce the humidification capacity; if the humidification scale is not cleaned up in time, it will easily cause the drain pipe to be dirty and blocked or breed microorganisms, thus causing water leakage accidents.


(2) Energy-saving measures to appropriately adjust the set temperature of the air conditioner according to the heat dissipation of the computer room


When the heat dissipation of the computer room is small, the air conditioning refrigeration system is not running, and the air conditioner needs to be activated for heating, the temperature set point of the air conditioner can be appropriately lowered to reduce the running time of the electric heating of the air conditioner, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving. Of course, how much to reduce depends on the different equipment in the computer room. If the equipment in the computer room itself generates a lot of heat and needs air conditioning to cool down the temperature, lowering the set point temperature at this time may not necessarily achieve the purpose of energy saving.


Computer room air conditioners are different from ordinary air conditioners. They require our daily maintenance and management to greatly reduce the probability of accidents, especially in dry and low temperature winters. We need to take precautions.