INVT Power's ITalent Micromodule UPS product Serves Xi'an Real Estate Registration Center

Time of issue:2019-12-12


In the new circumstances of modern economic growth, the endeavor to "make government affairs public, promote e-government, and accelerate the construction of information-based government" has become an important development direction of government informatization. To meet the needs of Xi'an Real Estate Registration Center that seeks for an e-government server room and realizes a green, efficient, and low-carbon data center, INVT Power's technical team, after taking into account a detailed investigation on field environment, has tailored a product solution that establishes a data center powered by Tengzhi micromodules for the user, on the basis of the principles of technical advancement, high reliability and durability, as well as its compatibility with other systems, scalability, and applicability. 


The registration center is a public institution affiliated to the Xi'an Bureau of Land and Resources. Its key responsibilities include: handling certification work of real estate registration in the city on commission; coordinating and supervising the registration of real estates, including land, housing, agriculture and forestry, in the service hall; collecting, organizing and archiving information for the registration and approval of real estates, including land and housing; undertaking the construction and integration of a real estate registration information platform across the city; and providing professional training for personnel in charge of real estate registration work across the city.


Based on a user-oriented design, INVT's  ITalent Micromodule Data Center conforms to the GB50174 standard in terms of overall construction, and can adapt quickly to field requirements due to its principles of high density and modularity, high reliability and availability, flexible configuration and rapid deployment, simplified installation and energy preservation, and improved intelligent monitoring. The product is also impeccable when it comes to various performance features:


1.Safety and Reliability


* All parts measure up to national and international standards for standardized production to ensure product quality.


* The reliability of either the Data Center's productization or engineering productization reaches up to 99.999%. 


* The Data Center's power distribution and cooling systems are in line with the design of an international Class A server room (Tier IV international standard).


* Products such as power distribution and refrigeration systems are supplied by internationally renowned brands to guarantee the safety and reliability of the server room.


* UPS is designed with N + X modular redundancy for better system reliability.


* A monitoring system is integrated for safe and reliable operation of the server room.


2.High Efficiency and Energy Preservation


* The combined application of row-level air conditioning, a modular UPS, sealed hot and cold channels, and intelligent power distribution cabinets, reduces the average PUE per year to 1.50.


* The use of inter-row air conditioners for cooling and enclosed freezer space leads to precise cooling nearby and greatly enhanced cooling efficiency, which saves more than 25% of energy compared to traditional server room.


* The online-only, highly efficient, N + X modular UPS supports intelligent sleep to further lower energy consumption.


* The maximum power of a single cabinet can reach 10kW on account of high-density deployment.


* Integration of power supply and power distribution is space-saving, so that 1 to 2 equipment cabinets can be additionally deployed.


* Unmanned remote operational maintenance saves energy and reduces TCO.


3.Simple and Fast Installation


* The adoption of standardized components and a modular architecture allows for fast alignment with service requirements and deployment as needed.


* They can be directly mounted on the concrete floor of a building without the need of a professional server room, thus reducing external auxiliary work.


* Products, which are standardized, modular, plug-and-play, and easy to install, significantly expedite service availability.


4.Intelligent Management


* Unified monitoring covers the power, environment, video surveillance and access control of infrastructures in the Data Center.


* Functions such as management over alarms, reports, users and energy efficiency are available for comprehensive intelligent management.


For the time being, the server room in Xi'an Real Estate Registration Center has been completed and formally put into use. Compared with its counterparts in the market, it not only is consistent in as good stability, reliability and high performance as INVT's key infrastructure products, but also wins users' approval for its significant superiority in less work amount, fast installation and high integration.


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