New RM Series Modular UPS ---RM300/30X

Time of issue:2014-06-12


With the recognition of INVT products by domestic and overseas customers, more and more customers want modular UPS to be extended to larger power occasions. In order to keep up with international trends, and keep the advantage of domestic manufacturers in this field, INVT launched new member of RM Series modular UPS --RM-300/30X,300KVA/270KW maximum capacity for single cabinet, maximum parallel capability is 900KVA/810kw. Output power factor is 0.9, and can highly meet the needs of ultra-large-scale data centers; RM-300/30 makes INVT modular UPS products reach world-class level. RM-300/30 is apply to ISP Internet service provider, IDC data exchange center, network management system / computer room, billing centers, banks / bond settlement center, business server farms, industrial process control applications, office automation, precision instruments and equipment, and other related industries.




1, RM-300/30X Performance improvement


10.4 inch colorful touch screen, the biggest size in market, single page can display more information, more friendly and provide easier operation.


Use TI's latest 32-bit DSP controller, the control performance improved by 50% and reduce the number of electronic components, can lower the failure rate.


Support 3 cabinets in parallel ,maximum capability can be up to 900KVA


Industry-leading power density, single cabinet power density is 409KW/m2, covers an area of o n ly 0.66 m2


Power modules with LCD display, easy to real-time monitor each module


Isolated airflow design for critical components and control board, decrease dust and highly increase the reliability of critical environment.


Power module cooling adopts 4 fans in parallel, enable the fun redundancy.


Output PF is 0.9


2、RM-300/30X New Functions


Self-aging mode .with merely background monitoring software setting to enter into self-ageing mode, no hardware change, through internal load generates by UPS carried, to realize full load testing of all the power components and connections, providing a convenient and cost-effective UPS commissioning. No external load box, no additional cables, not generating a lot of heat, meanwhile allowing the flexibility of self-aging process at any time.


Intelligent hibernate mode.RM-300/30X can provide normal hibernation and deep hibernation 2 modes. When setting the UPS o n intelligent hibernate mode, system will power o n number of modules according to the load and shut off the rest of modules. After a period of time, system will wake up the hibernated modules and shut off the running modules to make sure all the modules are o n the same aging status. This function achieves the highest system efficiency for all the load percentage, and increases the life time of the modules.


Online Programmable Dry Contact. Standard configuration of dry contact interface has 3sets of input,4 sets of output, via background software to programme the function of dry contact ,providing customers more choices.


3、plenty of accessories


Standard configuration with battery cold start, maintenance bypass, dry contact.


Optional accessories with Lighting protection kit, Bottom connection terminal, LBS, Parallel kit, Battery compensation kit, SNMP kit, Expansion Dry Contact card, Remote Monitor