Invt Power collaborated successfully with Shuangfeng data center

Time of issue:2014-06-18


With the rapid development of network and information technology, data center has become the cornerstone for global companies to develop their business. Data Center, as an important basis for carrying IT business equipment, takes responsibility of stable operation and business innovation. Under the new economic situation, safety requirement for high available green data center is much higher than before.


Recently, With "lead power supply and power electronics technology development, and make full efforts to more reliable, efficient, energy-saving products" enterprise mission and comprehensive consideration for users’ various requirements, Invt Power had successfully cooperate with large-scale Internet data center—Shuangfeng Internet Data Center. The success of this project is another typical case to prove Invt power good performance in high-end market areas such as the IDC data center.


It is reported that total investments for the data center amounted to 51 million dollars, completely in accordance with the standard of four star Telecom data center construction. It is the most perfect and standardized management private data center room set up in North China , and also the first real cloud computing data center in Hebei province. Center applied China Unicom, China Telecom double lines, which realized the truly interconnectivity and met the market demands of the vast number of double-line user It had also played an invaluable role for the prosperity of the local Internet industry market.


Invt power Star product serve for Shuangfeng IDC data center this time is high-end modular UPS power supply. This product is _disibledevent="font-family:Arial;font-size:12px;">Invt power is the high-end data center power solutions supplier. We provide key data center infrastructure products including UPS, batteries, battery cabinet, precision air conditioner, precision smart power distribution cabinet, etc. provide 365 * 24-hour green energy-efficient reliable support for your "cloud data centers"!