Precision Machining solution —Application for UPS of INVT

Time of issue:2015-04-16




The CNC machines, widely applied to automobile industry have high standards for its power supply.CNC processing, aviation industry, rail transportation and precision instruments, The material to be processed can be expensive and time-consuming ,massive loss can be caused when unexpected power outage occurs and this will cause damaged cutting tools and ruined materials.


Normally, to avoid the case, an UPS is added before the CNC machine. In many industry applications, however, feedback energy from motor will inrush to the UPS system when the processing motor retracts decelerates and reverses, resulting in the UPS transferring to bypass mode or even damages to the UPS itself and this will make the CNC machines running without power protection.


Based 0n years’ experiences in industry, INVT Power developed the intelligent absorption energy unit of BAU series for the entire power supply solution, perfectly solving the problem our customers face.


The energy feedback to UPS when the CNC machine stops

(Yellow as voltage, blue as current)




INVT BAU series work together with the RM series UPS as a whole solution. The feedback energy can be calculated and adjusted to be absorbed by the absorbing unit with full DSP controlled  PWM technology,ensuring safety operation for the CNC system.


The solution diagram is shown as below.


Main features


●Intelligent control panel, friendly operation

● Sound and light warning

● LCD display in real time

● Temperature detected display

● Full DSP control with adjustable feedback energy

● Settable bus voltage for different application


BAU type s election


Application Case


0ne machinery processing manufacturer in Wuxi, China, manufacturing blisk and blade of turbines, applied the RM300/30X together with the Intelligent absorption Unit. This solution gives the manufacture processing system continuous power supply without any problem of energy feedback.


The power supply system has been running perfectly for long time and has helped the manufacture save millions of dollars loss, otherwise caused by constant power outage.