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Time of issue:2016-09-07


Along with the development of data center industry and increasing expansion of its construction scale, the market demand for data center increases in a geometrical ratio. Serious waste of resource and huge energy consumption which are incurred by high power consumption, low utilization rate, dispersed distribution and extensive-mode development of traditional data center fail to meet the demands of market and customers. The new-type data center has become a trend for its greenization, intensification and modularization. The green data center characterized by energy conservation & low carbon, high economic efficiency and modularization is leading the reform of traditional data center.


Back in 2014,INVT started its product R&D of micro modular data center and rolled out ITalent series large integral smart data center infrastructure solution. Simply put, this series can integrate all subsystems such as cabinet, power supply and distribution, refrigeration, monitoring and wiring with advantages like flexible allocation, rapid deployment and high efficiency.


Data center that perfectly match all kinds of scales and business demands across the country; ISmart series for micro integral data center; IWit for small and medium-sized integral data center.


ISmart series(single cabinet integral solution)


IWit series(in-line cabinet integral solution)


INVT has always deems its duty to provide intelligent green data center which is highly efficient, reliable and easy to operate. It has built many trustworthy data centers including Xunjie IDC room in Shijiazhuang city, Hebei province, IDC data center in Baiwangxin hi-tech industrial park, Baimangguan district, lottery center room in Tianjin city.


Xunjie IDC room in Shijiazhuang city,Hebei province


IDC data center in Baiwangxin hi-tech industrial park,Baimangguan district


Lottery center in Tianjin city


INVT is on its way to build more trust worthy data centers for more clients and aims to be a world leading data center power solution provider!