Aim High!

Time of issue:2017-03-02


Aim High!


----A record of a small incident


(Chopin Hu)



Let’s start from a letter sent by our customer.


“Dear Vivian, dear Jason.


The following sentences I do not say so often, but it is the truth.

As the technical manager and owner of A Elektronik, I have now tested the UPS exactly in its functions and setup. I also looked at the quality.


I can say that I am impressed by the UPS. It is a super quality and a super Design. This standard can compete very well with the competitor in Europe.

Gratulation to the technicians who have developed this UPS type. Very useful equipment and options, painted circuit boards, secure plug connections, strong construction.That is what we need also for our special Application like UPS for Ship, Industry and so on.

I hope that we can still sell many of your UPS systems here in Europe.”


A Elektronik, established in 1949, is an enterprise which specializes in power electronic equipment industry in Germany. It is a time-honored enterprise which has been operated for about seventy years in an old-line powerful industrial country. This company has reached cooperation with INVT Power System not long before, it sought for suppliers conforming to their requirements in the field of marine UPS some time ago. Later, it found our company and then undertook rigorous comprehensive tests of INVT UPS according to demands. Technical director and owner of A Elektronik was very satisfied with test results and even couldn’t help sending the above-mentioned email to extend compliment and congratulations.


It is indeed an understandable expectation.


What first comes to my mind is the sentence “Ghosts know what I've been through” quoted from Fu Yuanhui who is a cute athlete in Chinese swimming circles. Many strong-strength enterprises of the industry have triggered fierce market competition when the company was established. However, with utilization of “limited human and equipment resources, we tenaciously spare no effort to develop the first module UPS within the office and experimental zone which cover less than 100 square meters. It has laid a foundation of technology platform of the company. This product is highly recognized by market and it rapidly seizes market share once it is launched. Within as few as about five years, the company successively launched 1-600K power-section UPS series machine type so as to comprehensively meet customers’ demands. It has made rapid progress and has never let up the quality. Starting from the first product, we have tested and verified products in accordance with the standards of globally top-notch UPS manufacturers. “What touched your mind will drive you to pursue someday. Please never give up the faith.” The lines in The Grand Master remind me of the production and debugging undertaken by the company over the years as well as the evening light in office rooms and laboratories etc. Over the past six or seven years, the company has changed with each passing day. Till now, it has experienced earth-shaking changes. However, it has never abandon its longstanding perseverance on product quality and reliability. It indisputably edged itself into top-notch UPS products for product performance which has advanced by leaps and bounds.


It has indisputably edged itself into top-notch UPS products? Yes!

----Involuntary compliments and affirmations from professional customers are the best attestation.

----The bid won in collective procurement in Chinese telecommunication industry is the best attestation;

----OEM sales (with direct utilization of our products) of overseas top-notch electrical group (Fortune Global 500) is the best attestation;

---- OEM sales (with direct utilization of our products) of domestic top-notch communication enterprise (Fortune Global 500) is the best attestation;


What have contributed to these achievements? I couldn’t figure out at a stroke……

But I bet,

It maybe lies in persistent and repeated efforts which has altered variables one by one for over ten times, with the purpose of having more in-depth malfunction analysis.

Or it possibly lies in the timidness which has attempted repeated impact for 2000 times in spite of that mechanical stress doesn’t surpass specification, but approaches to criticality.

It maybe lies in the recalcitrant perseverance which tried to increase efficiency by 0.2 percentage points after attempts of several schemes.

It maybe lies in the “loving care” which covers to-be-packaged machine with flannel;

It maybe lies in the pertinacity for obsessive terminal alignment of aging-section wiring.


According to what it seems, we possibly have a turning point here.


Results can only represent what we’ve obtained in the past. With a sense of pride, we still should take the lead to have a more profound understanding of our disadvantages than market. Why various problems of machine in the market still occur with such a low probability? Why we still fail to surpass competitors in aspect of some performance indicators? How to facilitate technical support at sale end to be more comprehensive, concrete and professional?  How to respond and grasp customers’ demands in a more rapid and accurately way? How to try to avoid the accidental carefulness in production stage?


I watched two documentaries some time ago, China’s Key Machine Manufacturing and China's Mega Projects. I feel that many industries and many practitioners have obtained pound achievements in China over the past years. Compared to our peers, our accomplishment haven’t never obtained the degree of self-satisfaction. (“ZPMC” once acted as the background for US President’s Speech, while “INVT” has not realized it temporarily). We need to improve products and services with censorious and excelsior spirit and pioneer new markets at home and abroad.


After all------

Aim High!

This small incident is hereby recorded.



Wednesday, February 22, 2017