Choose Green Transportation, Create a Clean Living Environment

Time of issue:2018-10-18


The Origin of the World Car-free Day


At September 22 in 1998, some young people in France first proposed the slogan of “In Town, Without My Car”, and hoped that the city was flooded by cars can get a moment of peace and quiet. The citizens of 35 French cities voluntarily abandoned their private cars on this day. The day of 9.22 became the “city car-free day” in France, and it was also destined to be a far-reaching day. Later, France’s first car-free day was incorporated into the environmental policy framework by the European Union in February 2000. Since then, this event has rapidly expanded to the global level. Today, protecting the environment, promoting green travel, and developing energy-efficient and new energy vehicles have become global consensus.


On this day, many cities around the world will take measures and conduct events to  promote green travel and reduce dependence on cars. This special festival is a collective ritual after human beings enter the automobile society and embodying respect of nature and human, and reflecting on the transportation mode dominated by cars.


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The Reasons for Low Carbon Travel


Since the car has become a daily transportation, people become increasingly dependent on self-driving travel, and urban planning and construction are also dominated by cars, which has intensified urban diseases such as traffic congestion and air pollution. Driving is originally for personal convenience, but it leads to inconvenience to everyone, increases social operating costs, and also encroaches on the road rights of pedestrians and cyclists, which is contrary to the people-oriented urban governance concept.


The Advantages of Low Carbon Travel


According to incomplete statistics: World car-free day for one day, the country can save 33 million liters of fuel.  World car-free day lasts for one day, reducing harmful gas emissions by about 3,000 tons. A small step for you may be, a big step for green and low carbon. The city, should be a city of people, not a city of cars. Driving a car less, maybe you will find a better life.


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