RM150/25C modular UPS provides power supply for Tianjin National Astronomical Observatory

Time of issue:2020-09-11


Recently,Good news from Tianjin National Astronomical Observatory is that INVT's star product RM150/25C modular UPS power supply has been installed and debugged and officially served in the data room of Tianjin National Astronomical Observatory, providing safe and reliable power supply for scientific data reception tasks.


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my country's first Mars rover "Tianwen No. 1" was successfully launched in July 2020, and the current flight mileage has reached 100 million kilometers. It has completed the acquisition of earth-moon photos, the first midway correction of the orbit, and the self-check of the payload.


Invt Power System(ShenZhen)Co., Ltd.


In order to successfully complete the data reception task of my country’s first Mars exploration project, the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences built a 70-meter high-performance receiving antenna (GRAS-4) at Tianjin Wuqing Station. This antenna is the largest single-aperture fully movable antenna under construction in Asia. The key equipment to complete the scientific data receiving mission of the Chinese Mars Rover.


The antenna project includes related supporting projects such as antenna foundation, rails, lightning protection grounding, data room, observation room, and substation. The data room project uses the star product RM150/25C modular UPS power supply of INVT.


1.UPS provides power guarantee for the observatory


UPS uninterruptible power supply guarantee objects include: office automation, information communication, lighting, receiving tower signals, computer control systems, etc.


As a key component of the observatory, the receiving tower must ensure its normal operation. In addition to ensuring the quality of equipment and system performance, the most important thing is that power stability and power quality can be guaranteed. The failure of the receiving tower to operate will directly affect the ability of the Mars Rover to receive scientific data.


The office automation system is the carrier that guarantees the communication between the superior and the subordinate in the observatory. If it is shut down due to insufficient power protection, it will cause a certain degree of loss to the observatory's basic data and major related matters. Therefore, the construction of a three-dimensional UPS uninterruptible power supply guarantee system is the basis for ensuring the safety of the National Observatory!


2.INVT UPS is used in the data room of the observatory


On the whole, the construction of the core computer room of the observatory has high requirements in all dimensions, especially for key infrastructure such as UPS power supply system and thermal management system, and its performance is required to reach a very high level, and reliability is the top priority. Heavy.


INVT's star product RM150/25C modular UPS power supply has been applied to the Tianjin National Astronomical Observatory's data room project with its superior performance.


INVT RM150/25C modular UPS uninterruptible power supply products ensure the high reliability of continuous service provided by the National Observatory. This cooperation is also another achievement of INVT Power in this industry, helping the Tianjin National Astronomical Observatory to significantly improve the receiving capability of China's deep space exploration downlink data, laying a foundation for the completion of China's first Mars exploration project and subsequent deep space explorations such as asteroids and comets. Solid foundation.


In the future, INVT Power will continue to rely on its own strong advantages to provide users with more intimate and complete products and services, fully assist in the construction and operation and maintenance of the data room, and continue to consolidate INVT's dominant position in the field of astronomy.