Several issues to be considered in the early planning of self-built small data centers

Time of issue:2020-10-26


With the rapid development of the Internet industry, enterprises are increasingly applying IT information. Nowadays, no company can do without the network. For the Internet needs of dozens to hundreds of people, a router plus several switches form a company network. Thousands of large client-side global branches are interconnected, firewalls, VPNs, authentication access, high-end routing and switching, hundreds of various network equipment, servers to ensure the company's normal network needs.


Based on the above requirements, enterprise data centers are generally divided into hosting and self-built two types, and self-built data centers are selected by enterprises and institutions to build their own addresses. Generally, a space is allocated inside the office and then built according to certain standards. The self-built computer room has a certain gap in stability, availability, efficiency and other aspects from the professional computer room hosted by it. However, if the planning and design are reasonable and carefully maintained, it can still reach a certain level to meet the needs of enterprises and institutions.

Several issues that enterprises need to consider in the initial planning of small data centers built by enterprises

1. The location of the computer room inside the building

The first problem to be solved for the self-built computer room of the enterprise is to select the location. After the geographical location of the office is confirmed, the computer room will generally be built in a place where the wiring is relatively concentrated. It is best to be close to the strong and weak electric wells of the building. It takes into account the wiring of multiple floors.

When selecting a site, it is also necessary to consider whether the load-bearing capacity of the floor slab where the data center is located meets the usage requirements, and whether there is other water source passing through or the possibility of water leakage in the computer room.Data centers are not suitable to be located in low-lying areas or basements to prevent unnecessary losses caused by waterlogging.

The decoration plan design of the computer room should consider the problem of sound insulation and noise reduction, and minimize the interference of the computer room to the peripheral office staff.

2. Computer room functional area planning

After the location of the computer room is selected, the functional areas such as the main room area, auxiliary area, support area, and administrative management area shall be determined according to the operating characteristics of the system and the specific requirements of the equipment. Except for the main room area, whether the other functional areas are configured and the configuration method can be determined according to Choose and configure the actual situation.

3.power supply and distribution


The power level of equipment in the computer room is higher than office requirements. Generally, it is necessary to apply for a dedicated line with sufficient power, and at the same time, it needs to be equipped with a UPS that meets the use needs to improve the quality of power supply, and configure a certain capacity of batteries to meet the requirements of uninterrupted power supply ; Power distribution cabinets and power distribution lines are equipped with a certain number of backup circuits according to the level of their own computer room to meet the needs of daily maintenance and future expansion.

4.wiring and cabinet

Wiring is a vital part of the construction of the computer room. In the initial stage of the computer room planning, the access cabinets, wiring cabinets, server cabinets, voice cabinets, etc. should be planned according to specific usage requirements. According to the functional division and use requirements of each functional cabinet, Reasonable layout, make a reasonable wiring plan uniformly, make the wiring reasonable, and the label clear. When making jumper adjustments, do not make flying leads. Be good at using patch panels, cable organizers, cable tie boards, cable ties, labels, etc. Wiring tools, drawing and writing records at the same time.

5.KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) system

When planning more server equipment in the computer room, in order to better maintain these equipment, one or more sets of KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) systems need to be considered.

6.air conditioning and ventilation system


air conditioning

Since the servers and other equipment in the computer room have strict requirements on the temperature, humidity, and amount of dust in the operating environment, it is necessary to configure a dedicated precision air conditioner for the computer room, and ordinary civil air conditioners cannot be used; because civil air conditioners have temperature, humidity and dust particles in the computer room, The air volume cannot be precisely controlled, and it cannot meet the requirements of 7*24*365 days of all-weather operation. At the same time, a new fan needs to be equipped in the computer room to maintain the positive pressure of the air in the computer room and to provide fresh air to the operators in the computer room.

7. fire protection system


fire protection system

It is generally recommended to install a gas fire extinguishing system in the computer room. For some low-requirement computer rooms, a water mist fire extinguishing system can also be selected. At the same time, an automatic fire alarm system should be set up in accordance with national standards to make necessary linkage with power distribution. When using a gas fire extinguishing system, an air respirator or oxygen respirator is also required.

8. Dynamic monitoring system


dynamic monitoring system

In addition to daily inspections in the computer room, it is also necessary to rely on a dynamic environment monitoring system to continuously monitor the environment and the operation of the equipment in the computer room. At the same time, one or more alarm methods (sound and light, email, SMS , Voice, etc.) notify the corresponding person in charge, so as to solve the problem in the embryonic stage or early stage, and avoid further expansion of the fault.

9. intelligent system


Intelligent door ejecting system

In addition to the dynamic environment system, the computer room also needs to consider a set of intelligent systems, such as the computer room security system (access control system, video monitoring system, intrusion alarm system, etc.), BA system, intelligent lighting, background music (fire broadcasting) system, equipment monitoring System, etc., which systems to configure can be selected according to the actual situation of the computer room.