No. 2 of the Chinese UPS market share for 5 consecutive years in China: INVT Power is worthy of users’ choice

Time of issue:2021-06-21



Recently, CCID Consulting, an authoritative consulting organization in China's key power supply and distribution fields, released the "2020-2021 China UPS Product Market Research Report", and INVT's modular UPS products ranked second in the "China Modular UPS Market". So far, INVT has ranked second in the "China Modular UPS Product Market" for five consecutive years.

INVT UPS power supply has been deeply engaged in key areas such as small, medium and large data centers, server rooms, various communication systems and industrial automation production equipment. It has always been customer-centric, and strives to provide customers with excellent products and solutions, and provide high-quality products. The power supply is guaranteed to win the widespread trust of customers.

The current data center has entered the peak period of construction, and data centers of various sizes are located in all corners of China. Based on its rich experience and advanced technology in the field of power supply, INVT Power has adopted a modular design based on energy-saving, safe, simple and intelligent design concepts, and has launched a modular UPS solution that can be adapted to various application scenarios.

INVT modular UPS output power factor> 0.99; input harmonics are less than 3%, the efficiency of the whole machine is as high as 96%, and the intelligent sleep function is adopted to effectively improve the operation efficiency of the whole machine, and the whole life cycle can save 10 million kWh of energy consumption for data center users Electricity is very much in line with the current demand for energy saving and consumption reduction in data centers.

INVT modular UPS has been widely used in China, and its market share has continued to increase. At present, modular UPS has the second market share and is a high-quality UPS brand that meets the current data center power supply and distribution system.