How to deal with the failure of the communication UPS power system?

Time of issue:2021-06-22



The battery discharge time is too short in the running state. This failure is mainly caused by the battery's own factors. The battery should be charged normally to ensure normal operation.

The UPS battery fault light is on. The cause of this failure is that the battery is damaged or the charger is malfunctioning, so the staff should contact the dealer as soon as possible to replace or repair the battery in time.
If the power button is started normally, but there is no response, it indicates that the power button is touched for too short time and the power-on function is not activated. Just keep pressing the power button for more than one second. If the switch can be turned on and off normally, it indicates that there is no malfunction.

There is no voltage at the output, and no fault is reported by itself. For this type of fault phenomenon, most of the problem is that the output cable has poor contact. The solution is to check whether the cable connection is normal. If a poorly connected cable is found, Timely replacement can completely solve the occurrence of such failures.

The mains indicator light flashes. The main reason for this type of failure is that the mains voltage has exceeded the input range of the communication system. For this, the mains voltage input should be adjusted. If it is working in battery mode If you download, you need to pay attention to the battery backup time in the troubleshooting process.